Valheim has a rather large bug-fix release in testing

Valheim has a rather large bug-fix release in testing

Ready for the next bigger patch for survival game Valheim? Developer Iron Gate has a new public test available with lots of fixes. This is not a content focused patch, that’s still to come a while later, this is just to clean up issues players have been reporting.

Since this is in the public test you can access it via the Betas option on Steam, you just need to enter the “yesimadebackups” password, because it can cause issues and they want to be sure you’re not diving in without thinking. If you don’t want a potential to mess up your worlds, wait for the main release.

Have a look and see if something that annoyed you is fixed:

Fixes & Improvements:

* Hildir locations should now generate correctly on dedicated servers
* Hildir clothing now decrease stamina use for base items hammer, hoe & cultivator
* Correct icon for tunic4
* Hildir items can now be repaired at workbench
* Added ability to copy build piece while in build mode
* Manual snap cycling now shows a name of each snap point
* You can no longer accidentally cycle snapping points while having the build menu or the map visible
* Snap points removed for barber station
* You can now zoom the camera while using the hammer, hoe & cultivator if no rotation is possible while using the mouse, and always on gamepad
* Fixed issue where precision placing build pieces would appear to be a few centimetres off
* Removed possibility to build on fire pit
* Removing a piece is now done when you release the button rather then pressing it (to allow for button combinations and so you can change your mind and hover away)
* Prevent character from jumping when in piece selection
* Place stacks is now available only when a container has been opened (You can no longer press shift-e on a container to place stacks)
* You now have better control over growing plants as they will now grow into approximately their sapling’s rotation, but they start with a random rotation when planting.
* Hard and Very hard combat difficulty now also increases star mob chance
* Pickables, honey and sap scales correctly with resource rate modifier
* Resource rate modifier should now scale more correctly for all drops
* Toggle run renamed to toggle sprint, and works again
* Reset “auto run” after dodge
* Fixed a crash related to the old portal
* Fixed a bug where being near a Queen dungeon would block portals when using the ‘No Boss Portals’ option. Bosses will now count as active and block teleporting after the first time they have been aggroed rather than when they are spawned
* Blocked portals and dungeons exits will now display the same message when being blocked by the ‘No Boss Portals’ modifier
* Fixed crossplay servers failing to register if too many modifiers were set
* Fixed modifiers not being set for in-game hosted servers when registering to Steam’s matchmaking
* Fixed modifiers not being reset when starting a world with no modifiers after starting a world with modifiers
* Fix random events only spawning for the host when using ‘Player based events’, or not at all if on dedicated server
* Fixed the saving of some stats
* Added ‘hildir’ to itemset command
* Tombstones can now be deleted with ‘forcedelete’ command
* “randomevent” and “stopevent” commands can now be called by all admins, not just the host
* New optimised low vegetation quality setting will have a small amount of grass rather than none
* Fixed LOD terrain mesh becoming visibly distorted when standing near modified terrain in some cases
* Fixed a vegetation shader issue
* Fixed a threading issue, the game quits a bit faster as a result
* Fixed a bug where the music could get stuck in the morning and evening when in dungeons
* Alt functionality key changed to LB for Console 2 mapping
* Added quick selection commands for console (Store: X+DPad, Load: Y+DPad)
* Fixed incorrect click sound on “B”
* Fixed sometimes missing tooltip for inventory items
* Fixed an issue where boats could fall through the ocean
* Localisation updated


* Fixed Asian fonts readability in bold style
* Fixed rune-stone texts to only show rune symbols in all languages
* Made sure all text fields have the correct fonts set
* Minor text optimizations
* Fixed some missing localization updates when language is changed
* Saving icon is now displayed on low FPS as well
* Fix a bug that caused the server modifier summary to be empty in the server list for all servers
* Moved tooltip from server browser to not overlap with cloud warning text
* Fixed some incorrect key hints
* Removed several control characters that were rendered as a box in item descriptions
* Fixed “Custom modifiers” text showing up as the localization key in the server list, rather than the localised text
* Fixed world list not being updated when the last world is removed
* Added full localization support to modifiers text in world and server list
* Fixed tooltip position for store items when using gamepad
* Added X to quick close and save server modifiers


* Various crash fixes related to generation and projectiles
* Fixed a bug that could cause more backups than intended to be created for world saves when migrated from an older version
* Fixed a bug where creating a new world with the same name as a just deleted world would give that world the same seed as the just deleted world
* Fixed an issue that could make worlds with certain very large dungeon seeds to not be loadable
* Fixed an issue where saving of world on server and character on client could be out of sync, all saving methods should now work the same way
* Fixed an issue where a world is saved twice when using manual save, doubling the amount of save time
* Fix memory leak when opening and closing the skill dialog
* Added check for available cloud storage after save and before world start (which should prevent world wipes after all)

Valheim is available to buy on Humble Store or Steam. It has Native Linux support and is Steam Deck Verified.

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