Major Palworld partnership will let players create dedicated servers in ‘just three seconds’

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Palworld is one of the biggest and most popular games of the year so far, and it has really put Pocketpair in the eyes of millions following its monumental success. The game had a rocky start at launch thanks to the overwhelmingly big player count, but now Pocketpair is officially partnering with Tencent in a move that will allow Palworld players to create dedicated multiplayer servers in ‘just three seconds’.

The Pokémon with guns adventure game is only two months old and is in early access format. A new powerful evil pal is coming to the game soon, and the likely spawn location for the game’s first upcoming raid battle has been shared online. In addition, the game is set to get a long-awaited quality-of-life change to base management in the hugely anticipated update set to debut Bellanoir.

Pocketpair’s impending arrival of a new pal in the form of a raid battle is hugely exciting news, but fans will also be interested in hearing about the partnership between the game and Chinese juggernaut, Tencent.

Palworld is partnering with Tencent for dedicated servers

Per the headline from PRNewswire, ‘Tencent Cloud Becomes Official Provider of Multiplayer Game Servers in Palworld’. The PR news piece says that Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, is collaborating with Pocketpair as the ‘official partner providing dedicated multiplayer servers for the globally popular game Palworld’.

As for what the collaboration will involve, the ‘partnership will leverage Tencent Cloud Lighthouse, an out-of-the-box cloud server service designed for lightweight scenarios, to enhance the [Palworld] gaming experience for players worldwide’. This will be delivered worldwide via Metastation, which is Tencent Cloud’s partner in Singapore.

The most exciting aspect of the announcement is Tencent touting players will be able to ‘create a dedicated server in just three seconds without the need for complex configurations’.

This collaboration will let Tencent Cloud ‘expand its cloud services for building dedicated multiplayer servers not only in Japan but also in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, including South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand’.

Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, Bluefin Zhao, said the following about the partnership with Palworld:

“Together with Pocketpair, Tencent Cloud hopes to continue contributing to the value creation and popularization of cloud services in the gaming industry. Building on this collaboration, Tencent Cloud also aims to continue providing high-quality cloud services to Japanese enterprises and striving to offer users the best entertainment experience.”

As of writing, it is only possible to create dedicated servers for the game on PC. Xbox announced that it is partnering with Palworld to bring dedicated servers to console, but perhaps it will happen through Tencent instead.

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