Enshrouded – Game Crashing on Dedicated Server List Explained

Enshrouded – Game Crashing on Dedicated Server List Explained

Enshrouded, a new survival game with an impressive building system, launched a few minutes ago. While thousands of players are able to play already, many of them report a serious bug. When players try to browse the dedicated server list, the game crashes. The problem is very common.

Update: Developers acknowledged the problem on the Discord server

If you have experienced the crashing issue, and there is a great chance that you did, there is nothing which you can do. At least not for the moment. On the official Discord channel developers announced that they are working on a hotfix. While they have not specified a bug which they are trying to solve, it is likely that they are talking about this one.

Moderators on the Steam forum are quite busy merging many posts about similar issues, and the bug with servers is the most prominent one. While developers did not comment on the subject (or we just haven’t found their post among many others), it is unlikely that this issue is unknown to them.


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