Can you host a dedicated server in Nightingale?

Survival games are more fun with friends, and this also applies to Nightingale. If you’ve previously played a survival title with your squad, you’ll be familiar with dedicated servers and will be wondering how you can set one up in Nightingale.

When I installed Nightingale with my friends, we weren’t sure whether we would start our journey together or join someone else’s world. We decided to start from scratch, but to do that we had to figure out exactly how to host a dedicated server in Nightingale.

Hosting dedicated servers in Nightingale

Enter the portal, together. Image via Inflexion Games

Nightingale doesn’t support dedicated servers, but you don’t actually need them to play with your friends. While setting up your own private server isn’t an option in Nightingale, getting the band together is still relatively easy.

How to play with friends in Nightingale

Before you can play co-op multiplayer in Nightingale and invite friends, you’ll need to create your first character and escape through the first portal. Once the tutorial is in the books, you’ll have an option to create a party.

To do that, you can then open the party screen from the top right portion of your screen on the game’s menu and invite your friends by their screen names. From this point, you can play on a private server with friends or join a public one. If you encounter any issues in Nightingale while server-hopping, there might be an update waiting to be installed.

Your co-op sessions will be accessible (when shared) through the Realm Network.

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