Does Sons of the Forest Have Dedicated Servers?

Does Sons of the Forest Have Dedicated Servers?

Sons of the Forest is an excellent solo experience, but if you want to get a few other would-be survivors involved, there’s a co-op mode too. That’s assuming you cooperate, of course — there’s nothing to stop you from building your own treehouse and just glaring at your fellow players every time they go past. But what if you’re so invested in co-op that you want to set up a dedicated server? You’ll be wondering — does Sons of the Forest have dedicated servers? I’ve got the answer.

Explaining Whether Sons of the Forest Has Dedicated Servers

Sons of the Forest does have dedicated servers, or perhaps more accurately, it lets you set up your own dedicated server. It didn’t always have this facility, but it was added in with Update 07. You’ll need a server to host it on, but once you’ve got things set up, you’ll have total control over it.

You can decide who’s allowed to play, set up other people as administrators, set a maximum number of players, and so on. You can also decide what happens when no one’s actually using it. Will players come back to find no time at all has passed? Or will a couple of hours away translate to a week in-game? It’s entirely up to you.

Developer Endnight Games has provided instructions on how to set up a dedicated server, though be warned — it requires a small amount of technical knowhow.

So the answer to whether Sons of the Forest has dedicated servers is yes, it allows you to set up your own dedicated server.

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