Palworld partners with Tencent Cloud for “3-second” dedicated multiplayer server creation

Tencent Cloud, a global cloud service company owned by Tencent Holdings, announced on March 26 that they have become an official partner of PocketPair. Tencent Cloud will be assigned to dedicated multiplayer server creation and providing cloud services for Palworld, PocketPair’s 2024 hit (Source: PR Times). 

In Palworld, it is possible to set up dedicated (private) multiplayer servers for up to 32 players, but this applies only to the Steam version of the game and requires quite a few steps. While Microsoft has mentioned plans to cooperate with PocketPair to make dedicated servers possible in Palworld’s Xbox versions, it seems Tencent Cloud will also be working with the developer to optimize and speed-up dedicated server creation. 

Tencent Cloud states that through the use of their “Tencent Cloud Lighthouse” service, Palworld players will be able to create dedicated servers in only three seconds, without any complicated configuration. Tencent Cloud’s dedicated server services will be expanded beyond Japan to the USA and APAC region (including South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). 

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Palworld is available in early access for the PC (Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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