Dedicated Servers and Gaming: The Minecraft Server Use Case |

Dedicated Servers and Gaming: The Minecraft Server Use Case |

Online gaming is more and more within everyone’s reach. Subscriptions such as Game Pass or PlayStation Plus allow millions of players to connect with friends and have hours of fun together. Not only that: online video games they allow people to get to know each other and join a community who share the same passions. However, this connection often fails due to the instability of the servers, i.e. the computer system for processing and managing information traffic. Many, then, decide to have gods dedicated serverssuch as the bare metal ones, which allow the most loyal players to continue playing their adventures in peace.

And bare metal dedicated server is used by only one consumer or tenant. This means that each server of this type includes a machine, usually located in a data center, which is completely at the service of those who rent it. This offers them the possibility to customize the machine according to the customer’s uses and needs. The name “bare metal” derives from the hardware made available to the customer.

There are various possible uses of a dedicated server: there is the possibility of hosting not only game sessions, but also streaming services, websites, artificial intelligence and business solutions for start-ups or large companies. Among the uses in the gaming field there are numerous i server di MinecraftRust or Counter Strike: Global Offensive (of which a new title could arrive soon) which are based on bare metal technology.

Imagine you need to find a service that hosts its own Minecraft server. Since 2011, the year of its release, this survival game has made its way into the hearts of billions of players becoming the best-selling video game ever. There are numerous methods created by private users, such as Pixelmon or Skywars, which are then used in servers hosted in datacenters. Finding the right solution, however, can be complicated: being a gigantic sandbox, with small action components, the fluidity of the game must be constantly guaranteed.

Among the components that must be looked for within a service there is the possibility of using as many resources as possible dedicated to what one wants to offer. The advantage of a bare metal, compared to virtualization, is once again being able to take advantage of 100% dedicated hardware. Likewise, it is important to find components that are perfectly suited to the intended use of the server. In this way, one can build professional and efficient gaming environments that allow players to have fun undisturbed. Finally, one thing not to be underestimated are the protections offered by DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service). This type of cyber attack leads to a malfunction of the servers, making them unreachable through the exhaustion of their resources.

Regardless of the type of service you are looking for, it is necessary to inform yourself so that you can choose the server that best suits your professional needs. Instead of jumping headlong into a new adventure, search the web for sites dedicated to the subject remains the best first step when you want to create your own gaming server.

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