Kiron Interactive’s Kiron.Lite Solution Live in Africa

Kiron Interactive’s Kiron.Lite Solution Live in Africa

The famous supplier of virtual sports and numbers games, Kiron Interactive, expanded its offering by launching Kiron.Lite. It will help the company deliver its betting content to the rapidly growing African market without any unnecessary expenses.

Made for the African market:

This data lite solution for supplying will ease the process for both the supplier and operators. To bring this idea to life, the company joined forces with B2Tech, a famous platform provider which will deliver the content to all 19 African countries where Kiron is already present.

The tool is carefully crafted and customized to the needs of the African market, taking into account important details such as reducing mobile data consumption in the continent. 

The solution will be a part of BetMan, an omnichannel remote gaming server run by Kiron, which is also integrated with the customers’ Wallet API

Among the content that will be available to the African customers are four football products: Goal virtual leagues with Italian, French, German, Spanish, and English teams available, World Cup Tournaments, Virtual Football Jackpot, and Champions Cup

Since the English Premier League is one of the most popular tournaments in the continent, and the season didn’t begin yet, the company decided to include these products in the offering to entertain the customers until the Premier League begins.

To enable the African customers to seamlessly enjoy the content, Kiron.Lite will be different from the platforms customized for other markets, so some visualizations will be removed to ease accessibility

Unique and customizable:

The players will be available to place various bets 24 hours a day on a platform that enables them to enjoy all the features they need to place bets and track their progress. The bets are fully customizable and unique, with the update every two minutes. The operators will be able to choose among various color themes, odds, and events, so they can easily adapt the content to the players’ needs.

Steven Spartions, Co-CEO at Kiron, said: “Kiron.Lite is a significant step forward in content provision in Africa. While it’s well known that the many individual markets here are diverse, one characteristic they share is that mobile data is at a premium, and today’s most advanced content can be demanding. That’s why we developed Kiron.Lite. It’s a unique product that works seamlessly with operators to deliver the popular content their customers demand in a manner that suits their data lite requirements. It’s lighter but powerful at the same time, offering new opportunities to providers across the continent.”

Tzahi Asulin, CEO of B2Tech, also commented: “We are very excited that Kiron has given us the nod to deploy this unique and exciting product to the African market before anyone else, it’s a great opportunity for us to continue providing the best and improved gaming experiences to our customers on all devices. This product could not have come at a more perfect time as we know that virtual sports products are at their most popular amongst punters during the football off-season.”

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