5 most popular faction servers in Minecraft

5 most popular faction servers in Minecraft

Faction servers are among the most popular in Minecraft. In them, players will split into factions, set up bases, raid opponent bases, fight, protect their base, etc.

Factions can make alliances or try to fight everyone else to assume power. The gameplay rules make for one of the most exciting playstyles and one of the most fun servers to be a part of.

There are so many faction servers to join, and they all have different rules, players, and more. Naturally, some are better than others. Here are the best ones for Minecraft players to look for.

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Minecraft faction servers to try out in March 2022

5) InsanityCraft

InsanityCraft is one of the smaller servers out there, but that doesn’t take away from the quality. It has fewer game modes than other servers, which can be considered a downside, but it’s an upside for the modes they do have.

Factions is one of three primary modes they have, which means it gets a lot of attention from the owners.

4) PikaNetwork

PikaNetwork has so much space available for users. There are lots of game modes, but there’s plenty of room for everyone to get involved and try out their preferred modes.

It’s one of the most well-kept servers out there and has almost 4,500 spots still open. For gamers who want a big faction server, this is one to try.

3) ManaCube

One of the best parts of a server is the ability to join. ManaCube has a lot of space available, over 3,000 spots left, and several different game modes.

Factions is one of their most promoted game modes because it’s one of the best. This server is worth trying for all the game modes, especially factions.

2) MineSuperior

This server advertises its faction mode first, which is a good indicator of the quality. Factions is the go-to mode here because it’s their best and most played one. It currently has nearly 1,400 spots left.

1) Complex Gaming

The Complex Gaming server has nearly 2,000 spots still available (Image via Servers for Minecraft)Minecraft servers, Complex Gaming has many game modes, including faction. Players can get on this server and play this match type without worry because it is one of the best overall servers in the game.

They have a dedicated team keeping everything up to date and a good environment. It currently has nearly 2,000 spots still available.

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