Review of The Best WordPress Hosting Providers of 2023

Review of The Best WordPress Hosting Providers of 2023

The WordPress content management system is used to power millions of websites today and it easily claims the lion’s share of the CMS market. It is miles ahead of its competitors in terms of popularity and versatility.

But in order to get the best performance out of WordPress, you’ll need to use the right web hosting service that is designed and optimized to satisfy the resource-hungry nature of this beast.

Fortunately, many web hosts nowadays offer plans that are fine-tuned for WordPress. These usually come with automated features that simplify the process of setting up and maintaining a WP site even for a complete beginner with no coding experience.

This article offers a quick review of some of the most reputable providers of WordPress hosting services, so let’s get right to it.

Best WordPress Hosts to Consider in 2023

The following is a selection of the most outstanding WordPress hosting companies that offer all-around great features, solid performance and quick technical support.

1. Pressable

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting platform run by a company that has a long history with the WordPress project: Automattic. It’s the same company that owns the platform.

This is a premium service that is geared toward professionals looking for a high-performance hosting solution at an affordable price.

The support team at Pressable includes well-trained agents who are very technically skilled with WordPress and WooCommerce (an e-commerce solution for WP). Anytime you contact them via live chat or email, you’re gonna receive quick and helpful answers.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround has a powerful yet simple hosting platform for WordPress sites. It’s an all-in-one solution designed to help anyone launch a WordPress site in a quick and easy manner.

You can have WordPress automatically installed on your domain with a few clicks, and you don’t have to worry about future updates because they will be automatically installed for you.

Caching, security, CDN, staging and other features come preconfigured out of the box. You can also install the SiteGround Optimizer plugin to take advantage of some of the performance and loading speed enhancement features it includes.

3. Kinsta

Kinsta is another premium and fully managed hosting solution for WordPress that mainly targets professional website owners and agencies.

This is not a service you’d want to use for a small personal site because you’d then be pouring money down the drain. The premium price is more justifiably paid by those who need high-performance hosting with maximum uptime and fast-responding support technicians.

Kinsta can help you create a customized plan that meets the estimated requirements of your sites or those of your clients. If you’ve got the money, you can’t go wrong with this provider no matter how big or small your project is.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the leading providers of cheap web hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce. This Lithuanian company serves millions of global customers including novice website owners, small business owners, developers and tech agencies.

They offer a managed WordPress hosting service powered by their hPanel control panel, which comes with a handful of easy-to-use, built-in tools. These include a file manager, database manager, WordPress manager, and others.

You can host multiple websites with each plan and you get a free SSL certificate for each domain in your account. If you sign up for an annual plan, you get a free domain name for the first year.

Hostinger’s live chat support is available 24/7 but response time varies depending on your selected plan and the number of support request waiting in the queue. Some plans include priority support that allows you to skip the queue and get a faster response (normally within minutes).

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is also one of the top names in the industry that you must have heard about. This company offers various types of web hosting services ranging from cheap shared hosting to premium WordPress hosting to more advanced VPS hosting.

One of the most interesting features that A2 Hosting has is their Turbo server technology. All plans under the Turbo line are powered by fast servers that are optimized for maximum performance and speed. These servers utilize faster CPUs, NVMe SSD storage, and LiteSpeed web server and cache.

If you have a small WordPress site that doesn’t get a lot of traffic and doesn’t do heavy server-side processing (like in the case of an e-commerce store), you can get good performance at a reasonable price with one of their shared hosting plans.

But if you have a large, high-traffic or e-commerce website that gets hundreds of visitors per hour, you’ll need more resources to serve all those requests without delay, and this is something you can achieve with one the WordPress-optimized plans available at A2 Hosting.

6. Cloudways

Cloudways is the most advanced hosting service on this list that is centered around high performance and scalability. Unlike other providers mentioned above, Cloudways doesn’t deal with shared hosting, but instead, they offer cloud server hosting solutions.

This is essentially a managed server software service that allows you to deploy a ready-made and optimized PHP server stack on a cloud server instance provided by one of the three available cloud providers: DigitalOcean, AWS and Google Cloud.

You don’t need any server management skills to use Cloudways’ platform because almost every task you may want to perform can be done via their user-friendly control panel. You also get SSH/SFTP access in case you want to manually connect to your server.

With your own dedicated CPU and RAM, you can easily achieve maximum performance even for the largest and most complex WordPress sites. You also have the option to automatically scale up your server’s resources to meet the growing needs of your website as your business grows.

Conclusion: Which is The Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

It’s hard to say which hosting provider is most suitable for you without knowing your site’s requirements and your budget. This article provided a few recommendations of reliable WordPress hosts that offer a range of low-end and high-end plans.

If you are starting small with a brand new WordPress website, two of the most affordable hosts to consider are Hostinger and A2 Hosting.

For a small business website that needs stable performance and maximum uptime, you should look at fully managed hosting solutions, such as Pressable or Kinsta.

And if you are seeking the highest performance and scalability for a large website, getting your own cloud server from Cloudways can be a very cost-effective option.

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