How to fix the Game Creation Failed error in Enshrouded

Enshrouded is more fun when you’re friends, but getting there can be challenging sometimes, especially when you have to deal with errors like Game Creation Failed.

I first encountered this error while my squad was switching from a co-op multiplayer. It was clear we’d need a server that would be online all the time, so we decided to test Enshrouded’s dedicated server support and host one ourselves. After finally getting our server running via third parties, all seemed well until our second day on the server, which was totally derailed by the nasty appearance of the Game Creation Failed error.

Fixing the Game Creation Failed error in Enshrouded

Failure isn’t an option. Image via Keen Games

When this error first appeared, it was first picked up by Enshrouded dedicated server users on Reddit who were hosting via GPortal. Even if you use a different provider, the following solution methods should still apply.

1) Change your server password

To fix the Game Creation Failed error in Enshrouded, remove your server’s existing password and set a new one. This new password should be longer than the previous one. Reboot the server after this password change and try logging in again.

Considering how effective this solution method has been within the community, it might also shed light on why this error is appearing. It looks connected to a password standard change, so players with very basic and short server passwords may have gotten this error.

2) Run Enshrouded as an administrator and don’t use a shortcut

Launch Enshrouded’s executable file as an administrator. This also means you can’t use your shortcuts to launch the game. The Game Creation Failed error can also appear due to permission troubles; admin rights should fix that immediately.

3) Contact your server dedicated server provider

If this error only appears for your server provider, it might require an exclusive fix. Some server-side updates may require you to perform manual changes, and the Game Creation Failed error might show up until then.

Check your provider’s website or contact them to learn more details.

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