PlayStation VR2 Owners May One Day Be Able to Watch Esports Events in Virtual Reality

Sony files an interesting patent that could allow PlayStation VR2 owners to experience esports events in new and exciting ways.


  • Sony has filed a patent for the PS VR2 that could enhance the esports viewing experience by offering more viewing angles, different commentators, and additional information.
  • The patent also discusses using this engagement for monetization through advertising.
  • While it’s uncertain if this patent will be implemented, Sony is continuously working on improving the PS VR2 and finding new ways for users to enjoy different media.



Sony has filed a new patent that could let PS VR2 owners experience e-sports in virtual reality. Sony is committed to working on new features that will add value for existing PS VR2 users and potentially attract new ones.

While the PS VR2 is primarily intended for gaming, it is a sophisticated piece of technology that has more tricks up its sleeve than one might think. Besides a growing library of excellent and immersive games such as Horizon Call of the Mountain and Gran Turismo 7 VR, the device can also be used to watch movies on a 226-inch virtual screen which will make the user feel like they are sitting in a movie theater.

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The new PS VR2 patent application filed by Sony is described as “scaled VR engagement and views in an e-sports event.” This patent is intended to make watching esports a far more customizable experience for users by giving them more viewing angles, a selection of different commentators, and additional information either in a virtual or augmented reality setting. It is unknown at this time if viewers would be able to freely wander the map and watch the esport event from any angle or if they would simply be able to choose from a selection of different angles.

PS VR2 Esports Patent

The PS VR2 patent application described above goes on to discuss using the extra engagement for monetization through advertising. While some fans might find this detail off-putting, its more likely that the patent will see the light of day if the powers that be see an opportunity to generate more income with it. While this might not be one of the more interesting PS VR2-related patents that Sony has filed recently it could be an exciting one for those who enjoy watching esports.

The Japanese gaming giant seems to be sparing no effort in improving the device by adding new and novel ways to enjoy different media. It might not take long for Sony to implement this new patent if it is granted; it doesn’t seem like any additional infrastructure is needed aside from the event server and the gaming server, but this is pure speculation. There are no guarantees that this PS VR2 patent will ever be used, so fans should keep that in mind as well.

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