Dedicated server is not responding; disconnecting… Error — BHVR

Disconnected: Dedicated server is not responding; disconnecting…

Issue: Recently, we have been getting disconnected from custom matches (specifically) frequently due to an error “Disconnected: Dedicated server is not responding; disconnecting…”. Seemingly out of no where, whenever me and my roommate play the game together in a custom match with another friend out of state, we are getting disconnected. Strangely as well, when we use discord in both browser and app, it will occasionally mute the call (like a disconnect, but we don’t get kicked out of the call or get the disconnect sound). However, even when updating all drivers, reinstalling discord + dead by daylight, even playing a match without discord, this same error occurs. I notice this issue persists when there are bots in the match.

Our platforms: We (me and roommate) are both on new gaming PCs, and the other player (who does not get disconnected, is out of state) is also on a gaming PC.

Steps to reproduce has been:

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Load in custom match with 2 bots, 3 real players. It has happened as well in a 2 real players, 3 bots match.

Step 3 : Play game as expected, as any killer or any survivor, or any perks

Step 4 : At some point in the match, sometimes early on sometimes near end game, you will notice some glitching out (like you can’t unhook fully, pop a gen fully, etc), before getting disconnected and getting that error.

Additional information

  • Character played: We played as various characters and killers to test if it was something specific, but the error persists regardless
  • Perks played: Similar as above, we tried various perks and still the error.
  • Map: Has occurred in any map we played
  • Frequency of the issue: Makes it almost unplayable, it’s a shame because we’ve been loving the bots and it didn’t always crash like this in the beginning.


I have attached logs, and a screenshot of the error.

Thanks for any help! Let me know if any additional information is needed.

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