ALMA appoints Beatriz Del Amo & Michael Sotelo as new VPs

ALMA appointed two new VPs to their executive team, Beatriz Del Amo and Michael Sotelo. Del Amo will lead the agency’s McDonald’s brand, the fourth largest account in the U.S. Hispanic market. In addition, as VP and Group Account Director, she will be developing new partnerships. Sotelo will serve as VP of Digital; he was formerly the Head of U.S. Multicultural Marketing for Facebook. “We look for a combination of skills that reflect innovation and strong collaboration spirit” explained Isaac Mizrahi, Co-President and COO. “It takes thoughtful hiring to find the right people to contribute ideas that will grow our clients’ businesses, and together Beatriz and Michael will add over 25 years of valuable and proven experience to the team.” “ALMA is always aiming for the sweet spot where creativity and technology meet” commented Sotelo. “I’m eager to contribute to the integration of ideas on all screens.” At Facebook, he led the Pan-Regional Latin American territory before becoming Head of U.S. Multicultural Marketing. Previous to that, he was with at SapientNitro and WorldMedia Interactive. “McDonald’s is a leader in multicultural marketing, and I’ve always admired ALMA’s strong creative reputation” said Del Amo. “I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to work with both.” She previously served as VP and Client Services Director at Conill Miami.

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