VPS Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

VPS Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

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With the expanding online businesses, it has become essential to know about the basic web hosting types. Thorough research about the hosting types can lead you to make the right decision for your online business growth.

Selecting a web hosting type randomly for your website can create mishaps and drive you towards a downfall in your business process.

However, if your website is supported by an appropriate and efficient web hosting platform, means that you will experience good page load times, reduced or no downtime and reduced bounce rate.

Before selecting a web hosting type, you should be crystal clear with the following pointers:

  1. What kind of business do you have?
  2. Are you planning to host a website?
  3. Are you planning to have your web hosting business?
  4. How much money are you ready to invest?
  5. Which hosting type and plan is suitable for your website?

Once you are clear with the points mentioned, it is effortless to start with the online business.

5 Key Points To be Considered Before Selecting Web Hosting Type

1. What kind of business do you have?

The kind of business you have has to do everything with the hosting type you are selecting. If you own a small business website, you can go with shared hosting plans.

Although shared hosting plans come with fewer drawbacks, a VPS hosting plan is much preferred. For an outgrown business website, cheap VPS hosting is all you need. And if you are planning to have your own web hosting business, reseller hosting is the choice for you!

2. Are you planning to host a website?

Hosting bloggers or a portfolio website can be done using shared hosting plans as it requires minimum website resources. But for business websites, eCommerce, and enterprise-level sites, a VPS plan is well suited.

A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a hosting type in which a single physical server runs several separate virtual servers. Virtual private server hosting provide a dedicated IP to each user with providing a higher degree of security.

It is a basically a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting offers you the best of both – shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Signing up for a VPS means that you are sharing the server with ‘a few’ other users.

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Although all sub-servers share the same physical area, hosting resources such as CPU, RAM, OS, and disc space are not shared. This separate sectionalizing helps preserve website security while simultaneously giving each hosting server full-root access. For a web developer or designer, VPS hosting can help host high-traffic websites or apps.

Pros of VPS Hosting

  1. Provides resource scalability
  2. It is cost-effective
  3. Allows full-root access
  4. Provides high-security
  5. Provides a customizable environment
  6. No technical know-how is needed
  7. Uses cloud infrastructure
  8. Works on the pay-as-you-go model
  9. Offers dedicated IP
  10. Enables operating system choice

3. Are you planning to have your web hosting business?

This is where reseller hosting comes into the picture! Reseller hosting is all about starting your web hosting business.

reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is the ideal option if you want to create your own web design/development company or a reseller company. You – the reseller (owner) – acquire a hosting package that includes bandwidth and hard disc space with reseller hosting. You may rent out parts of your web hosting to various clients after you’ve purchased it. As a result, the reseller hosting business makes money by acting as a hosting provider for the end clients.

With managed reseller web hosting, you may safely sell your services to clients after purchasing a reseller hosting package and starting your hosting business. This is because if your customers have a problem with your hosting services, your hosting provider will take care of everything, including client support, server monitoring, optimization, backups, and free website migration.

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You don’t have to pay extra for managed services; you only have to pay for the reseller hosting plan that you want to purchase. It is always best to go with white-labeled hosting plans. As a result, you and your clients can operate your business at ease.

So if you want to start your own web hosting company with your own logo, reseller hosting is the choice to make!

Pros of Reseller Hosting

  1. Quick set up and management
  2. No technical expertise is required
  3. Affordable and easy to update
  4. Offers configurable control panel
  5. Manages customer websites with a single control panel
  6. Provides greater flexibility
  7. Offers customer service to handles technical issues
  8. Web host bares server upkeep costs

4. How much money are you ready to invest?

If you plan to have your web hosting business, as discussed, reseller hosting is a great choice. The reseller hosting plan comes with control panels, disk space, bandwidth, databases, email accounts, etc.

how much does website hosting cost

There are hosting service providers providing multiple resellers hosting plans starting at Rs. 500/mo. You can choose one according to your business needs.

Reseller hosting is the cheapest way of starting your hosting business.

When you opt for reseller hosting, you can resell the hosting resources of the web hosting company as a reseller. This means that you can easily set up your own web hosting business with your own brand name.

The VPS hosting plans are more economical than dedicated hosting plans but are more expensive than shared and reseller hosting plans. The VPS hosting plans provide you with vCPU, RAM, SSD disk, bandwidth, SSL certificate, dedicated IP.

The VPS hosting plans range from Rs. 700/mo and above. As the resources and configuration change, the price range differs accordingly.

5. Which hosting type and plan is suitable for your website?

which hosting is the best for your website

The distinction between VPS and reseller hosting is like marching to a different drummer. However, like with any other hosting option, the decision ultimately comes down to what you require.

Reseller hosting is the logical choice if you’re thinking about having your own reseller business. VPS Hosting is advised if you’re thinking about migrating your website to a different hosting type because of unlimited hosting resources.

Reseller hosting is for people who only wish to start a web hosting business. VPS Hosting is suitable for almost everyone, whether they run an internet business, a blog, or a web design firm.

Final verdict:

To put it in simple words, if at all you are planning to start a web hosting business, go with reseller hosting plans, or else for your website hosting, certainly go with VPS hosting plans without a doubt. Both the hosting types are designed to fulfill distinct hosting requirements, as discussed.

Make a wise choice as that is going to determine the future of your online business!
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