How to fix Network Error (0x00030004) in Gray Zone Warfare

Network problems are common when a game launches or experiences a major content update. The surge of players trying to log in can overwhelm the servers, causing error messages like Network Error (0x00030004) in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare is one of the more exciting additions to the extraction shooter genre, and the hype levels surrounding the game grew when the game surprise-dropped amid the Tarkov controversy. As a result, more players than expected showed up at the doors, and the servers weren’t ready for it, so Network Error (0x00030004) appeared.

How do you fix Network Error (0x00030004) in Gray Zone Warfare? Answered

Connection errors are sneaky, they might instantly show up at the beginning or occur later during a crucial moment. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Before fixing the Network Error (0x00030004) in Gray Zone Warfare, you should check the game’s server status first. While Gray Zone Warfare doesn’t have a dedicated server status tracker at the time of writing, you can monitor the situation through the game’s official channels on X (formerly Twitter,) Reddit, and Discord. When servers are down, other players often report the issue on these platforms.

If the servers are up but you’re experiencing the Network Error (0x00030004) in Gray Zone Warfare, you can try to fix it with these potential solutions:

  • Restarting your Modem/Router and PC or console (in the future).
  • Change your DNS address.
  • Call your ISP to ask about local outages.
  • Switch to a cabled connection instead of Wi-Fi.

In most cases, a simple modem/router restart should be enough to fix most of your network problems. If the errors persist, however, you may need to wait them out since they might be related to Gray Zone Warfare’s servers, after all. Madfinger Games may need to fix it on its end, or there might be a temporary outage on your end.

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