Satisfactory Dedicated Server Requirements For Optimal Gameplay

Satisfactory Dedicated Server Requirements For Optimal Gameplay

Satisfactory is an open-world factory simulation game that has amassed a massive fan base despite still being in early access. 

While you can play the game alone, it’s much more fun to build and explore the world with friends by your side. Sharing a game lobby requires access to a game server. And if you want access to a private server, you’ll need to set up a dedicated server or rent one from hosting platforms like Hostari.

If you want to ensure high-quality gameplay, you’re going to need to meet some system requirements.

What are Satisfactory Dedicated Server Requirements?

RAM (Memory)

You should have at least 12 GB RAM on your server. For larger game worlds (4+ players), we recommend 16 GB RAM.

CPU (Processor)

Choose a powerful processor, like Intel Core i5-3570 or Ryzen 5 3600. It’s better to have a high-performing single-core processor than a multicore processor.

Hard Disk Space

Satisfactory requires 10 to 15 GB of storage — opt for more storage if you want space for mods!

Operating System

Use a version of Windows that’s currently supported by Satisfactory. Alternatively, you can opt for Linux with the help of Steam Play.

Bandwidth Connection

If you’re hosting players outside your home, make sure your router supports port forwarding.

Why Consider a Dedicated Satisfactory Server Hosting Platform?

Experience Optimum Performance

Renting a dedicated server from a hosting platform like Hostari means better performance without a high price tag. Instead of burdening your computer with server hosting on top of its other duties, Hostari’s machines only host games — and that means all their energy goes towards making your game run smoothly.

Enjoy Full Control

You will have full control over customizing your game world as the server host. You can add mods or plugins and even ban people if necessary. Game server providers also offer many useful features, such as DDoS protection and custom control panels.

Little to No Downtime

Server hosting platforms use professional data centers to host their machines, so you should experience little to no downtime. Most services also let you choose your location, so you can use the data center closest to you, resulting in faster connections.

Tips on How to Choose a Satisfactory Dedicated Server Hosting Platform

Test Network Quality

Test the connection quality by picking the closest location to you and seeing if you can reliably connect with their dedicated servers. Hostari has its own ping tester that you can use to test network speed.

Check if it Has Stable Security Features

Good security is key when hosting a game — you want to keep your data protected from cyberattacks. Check for features that protect against DDoS and UDP floods.

Observe Existing Community

Your hosting provider should offer expert customer support and a strong community — they should answer any queries you have and provide advice when you need it.

Choose Bigger Memory

When in doubt, choose the larger RAM option if you can afford it. Bigger RAM means faster response times and more room for customizing your server.


Hosting your own Satisfactory lobby may seem simple, but you need to meet certain requirements to ensure high-quality game performance. Depending on the size of your lobby, you may require higher RAM or CPU to run the game smoothly.

Server hosting platforms like Hostari provide you with all the necessary specifications for optimal gaming quality. 

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