Scaleway overhauls its dedicated servers

French cloud-hosting company Scaleway is updating its lineup of dedicated servers and giving it a new name. Dedicated servers might not be the hot new thing, but many customers still rely on dedicated servers for predictable performances and pricing.

Scaleway originally started as as the hosting and data center division of Iliad. Its original dedicated servers were an instant hit back in 2005. You could rent your own server for €30 per month, with 1GB of RAM, unlimited 100Mbps bandwidth and 160GB of storage.

This sounds ridiculously underpowered today, but Dedibox has remained a well-known name when it comes to dedicated servers. More recently, Online .net launched a public cloud offering under the Scaleway brand with cloud instances, object storage, block storage, managed databases, etc.

Scaleway has become the main brand of the company, as cloud hosting probably has a brighter future than dedicated servers. Its dedicated server lineup is now called Scaleway Dedibox. This isn’t just a name change, as Scaleway wants to integrate its dedicated servers with its public cloud offering. You could use a dedicated server combined with a load balancer and cloud instances when you get a lot of traffic. Or you could use Scaleway’s managed database service combined with a dedicated server.

There are more than a hundred different configurations with dedicated servers starting at €8.99 per month, with 4GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and a 1GHz Intel CPU. But you can also rent a server with 384GB of RAM and 4TB of NVMe storage with an Intel Xeon Gold CPU for €439.99 per month.

Overall, Scaleway is running 100,000 servers, with customers in 150 different countries. Scaleway also offers bare metal cloud instances as an alternative to dedicated servers.

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