Palworld Updates Fix Egg and Server Problems


  • New version fixes egg placement issues for Palworld users with older save data.
  • A server-side update resolves timeout problems when connecting to dedicated servers on Windows.
  • Players can now battle the raid boss Bellanoir and expect major game expansion updates in the future.

Two new Palworld updates fix issues involving eggs and server issues following the release of the version update on April 4. While in early access, Palworld is expected to receive many more updates in the near future to fix any lingering technical problems and introduce brand-new content, such as raid bosses and other end-game activities.

Palworld became one of Steam’s most popular games of all time right after the early access launch this past January. Over 19 million players were playing Palworld by the beginning of February, making it one of the most downloaded new titles of 2024 for Xbox Series X|S and PC as well. However, the launch was not flawless, since players encountered many bugs and technical issues that would hinder their progress and make it difficult to play with other players. Fortunately, developer Pocket Pair has greatly improved Palworld since launch by releasing multiple updates for the game and its servers.


Palworld Player Ends Up With Giant Anubis

One player’s Anubis unexpectedly grows to giant-size proportions in Palworld, even though it’s not an Alpha Pal or Lucky Pal.

The official Palworld Twitter account detailed two new updates to fix egg and server issues that became apparent after the release of Palworld version Firstly, the version update was released for the Steam version of Palworld, fixing an issue where eggs could not be placed in the egg incubator if the player loaded save data from version or earlier. This doesn’t appear to be affecting the Xbox Series X|S version, since the version update is not available yet for the console. Pocket Pair will share a notice on Palworld’s official social media channels when the update is available on Xbox platforms.

New Palworld Updates Fix Eggs and Server Problems

  • Version fixes egg placement in egg incubators for users using save data from or earlier.
  • Server-side update fixes timeout problems on dedicated servers running Windows.

The second update also targets Palworld on PC by remedying server issues with a server-side fix. Specifically, the server update fixes an issue where players could experience a timeout when connecting to a dedicated server built in Windows environments. PC gamers only need to update the game once from the Steam client, since the second update was completed on Pocket Pair’s Palworld servers. Servers that were unaffected by the bug did not require an update, so Palworld players may continue playing on those servers after installing the version update.

After installing version, Palworld players may battle raid boss Bellanoir for the first time. In addition, Pocket Pair recently teased a major expansion to the game’s building system for a future update. If the Palworld roadmap remains unchanged, players can also expect new islands, Pals, and PvP content soon as well.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

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