How to Select the CPU and RAM of VPS for Gaming Developers

How to Select the CPU and RAM of VPS for Gaming Developers

This article explains how to select the CPU and RAM of VPS for gaming developers.

By Alain Francois

Games are constantly evolving, with sound effects and new graphics becoming more sophisticated year after year. Gamers will miss out on these improvements without the proper hardware. It is important to have the necessary resources to provide the result obtained. The game’s system requirements help gamers get the most out of the games they want to play. The processor is very important because it represents the speed and capacity for processing information. RAM is also important for running a suite of resource-intensive tools, based on if you want to use the latest programming languages to make a VR or 3D application.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is a service where video games are streamed to the user’s terminal by retransmitting the content. The clients use any connected device to play a game held on an online server. You have to take some requirements into account to offer such services.

Mobile or Browser Gaming

When thinking about a gaming server, you can offer your solution through mobile or the browser. The technical architectures of games vary significantly from genre to genre, and it is difficult to predict player access traffic accurately. Video, social platforms (alongside game applications) dominate the market share of mobile/web applications. This can go from standalone to Internet-based multiplayer versions. A gaming server is supposed to be accessible from multiple players simultaneously. This means you need to use VPS instances to power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency. Alibaba Cloud offers a 7th Generation of ECS instance with at least 8 GB memory and 02 vCPUs. It uses the third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake), fully equipped with trusted chips and trusted vTPM support that suits the game server.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games

Cloud computing plays a vital role in providing an uninterrupted experience for gamers. MMO games generally require mutual real-time visibility between gamers on the same screen. MMO game servers produce a massive amount of communication packets when many gamers are playing simultaneously. If you plan to offer mobile and webpage-based MMO games, it means that you will often face massive spikes in resources that will require maximum conservation and utilization to handle bursts in traffic.

From an infrastructure perspective, Alibaba Cloud provide an ecs.c7 compute-optimized instance family well-designed for frontend servers of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. It uses the third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake), which delivers an all-core turbo frequency of 3.5 GHz with a maximum baseline bandwidth of 64 Gbit/s. It is fully equipped with security chips to build a new generation of three-dimensional trusted environments.

Card-Based Mobile Games

Mobile card games also play a dominant role in the gaming market. They enable the players to set their parameters on the card in the form of a smart card, which incorporates a gaming purse where the card-based gaming system (CBGS) has the hardware and software within the provider’s control. Confronted with the surging popularity of role-playing games (RPGs), mobile card games require cloud engines that can power innovative gameplay and powerful backend service architecture.

Alibaba Cloud provided a gaming cloud computing platform where game servers portals utilized Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer. As game traffic volume increases, the carrying capacity of a single server will be reached, and the number of game servers will be increased automatically as necessary. The cloud platform is built on a distributed file system that supports automatic downtime migration. With this, when a fault occurs, service is rapidly restored through migration, protecting gaming servers from the risk of single-point-of-failure to ensure minimum downtime and maximum data security at all times. With the elastic resource scalability, Alibaba Cloud Gaming Solutions can provide dynamic resource adjustment at different business stages of the company’s business development.


Alibaba Cloud provides solutions for all gaming scenarios. You can enhance service experiences and reduce total operating costs. They provide security-enhanced instances, memory-optimized instances, and compute-optimized instances to help users choose which one fits their needs.

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