Enhance Speed and Stability for Gaming

Enhance Speed and Stability for Gaming

Game Server Hosting: What it is

Game servers are specialized VPS or dedicated servers that enable gamers to host dedicated game servers for that particulate game on the hosting provider. A dedicated or virtual private server is a great pick to create a dedicated server.

But what does the game server have to do when the game publisher themselves host public servers for their players? Well, having your game server allows you to bend the game rules to your liking! With VPS and dedicated servers giving root access to your game server, you can install different game versions and mods, set up interaction rules, and much more!

Any dedicated server hosting provider plans can fit your gaming needs. However, it is crucial to always look for Gaming VPS that gives you complete control and is compatible and optimized for hosting game servers.

In short, you can pick a virtual private server to host gaming sessions for your team or a community. You can also opt for a dedicated server, which is more costlier than a VPS. Also, it would be best to ignore shared hosting as they are not ideal for dedicated hosting for game servers.

Tips To Choose The Right Game VPS

You must know how to choose a Game VPS. First, you must know the requirements for the game you want to host. To learn about it, visit the publisher’s website and check the game server requirements.

If you’re not technical, then you need to look out for these terms: CPUs (processor), CPU’s Speed (in Hz), RAM volume (in GBs), and the required networked bandwidth to run the game smoothly. If you’re unsure what all these means, you can ask for help in the game community or contact our support which help to get your requirements right.

Apart from that, you also need to take care of two aspects: the number of players that’ll populate your server and the amount of customization you’ll do to your game server. For example, if you’re playing with only ten friends, you can do with a basic VPS server, but if you want to bring your community of 100+ players, you’ll need a high-spec VPS game server. Similarly, if you add mods to your game, you’ll also need to consider their impact on the server resources.

Choose Any OS for Game Hosting

We provide options so you can completely control how you want to set up and customize your game server. Right out of the box, all our VPS offer root access. Also, to help kick-start your game server, we offer Linux and Windows pre-configured templates that let you do the instant setup. These operating systems include Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Arch Linux, OpenSuse OS, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, Alpine Linux, and many more.

So, you’re free to choose Linux or Windows operating systems. However, using the Linux operating system is advisable as they offer more customizability and control over your server. For example, you get benefits such as open-source software optimized for server hosting and a large community to help you troubleshoot your game server.

Once you have chosen the operating system for your perfect Game VPS, you must keep track of server performance. That’s because game servers grow in resource consumption as players play or you install extensions that can impact the server’s performance.

Game Server Support List

Our game support list is huge! As you’re in control of your game server, you can install any game you choose and set it up as a dedicated server for gaming. It beats dedicated hosting as our gaming VPS solutions are cheap while offering similar performance, latency, and uptime.

Below are some popular games you can install and start playing on our VPS hosting for games.

  • Minecraft: is a popular sandbox game that lets players explore their creativity. You can create Minecraft VPS for complete control over your server.

  • CS: GO: Counter-Strike is one of the most popular tactical shooters in the market. With CS: GO VPS, you get the best low-latency multiplayer experience, as the servers are fast enough to handle fast updates.

  • ARK: ARK: Survival Evolved demand a powerful server to run. Our ARK VPS solution lets you enjoy the game without lag, shutter, or disconnect.

  • Valheim: Want to explore the myst lands with your friends without worrying about server management? Then, Valheim VPS is for you. It gives you the best possible experience to fight the biome bosses and experience and explore the lands with curiosity.

  • Conan Exiles: A multiple online survival evolved game where you set to survive in a vast area. Create a Conan Exiles VPS for your gaming community to farm, build and explore the world without interruptions.

  • Arma 3: A military sandbox that gives you the thrill of a real battlefield. Use Arma 3 VPS to set up a low-latency, highly competitive server for everyone to enjoy.

  • Rust: A fascinating survival game that offers players to explore without limits. Start your Rust VPS now, which can bring a community of players together.

  • DayZ: DayZ gives players a wasteland to explore with the infected zombie population across the maps. Create your DayZ VPS to show the zombies who are the boss!

Apart from these games, you can also create Terraria VPS, Left 4 Dead 2 VPS, 7 Days to Die VPS, and many more!


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