Complete End to End Managed Services with Egypt, Cairo based IP for VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting by TheServerHost

Complete End to End Managed Services with Egypt, Cairo based IP for VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting by TheServerHost

Cheap Cost Managed Services with Egypt based IP and Windows or Linux choice of OS

Delhi, Delhi, India, 18th Jun 2023, King NewsWireVPS offer more control than shared hosting options but cost significantly less than dedicated servers, making them ideal for websites with moderate to spikey traffic patterns or email servers.

Assessing what level of management a host offers at any given cost is of paramount importance. While some providers offer only basic server maintenance and software updates, others may offer more extensive services including hardware monitoring and technical help desk assistance.

Managed services provide hardware maintenance, upgrades and malware detection; this can significantly lower maintenance costs when maintaining hardware in-house.

Few Managed Services offered by TheServerHost – Egypt VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Provider


VPS servers provide an ideal balance between shared hosting and dedicated servers in terms of flexibility and reliability, offering faster page loads than traditional web hosting services while being easily cloned or reimaged. In comparison to other types of hosting which may take hours or even days to reboot back online again, these platforms can return online within minutes, making them particularly helpful for businesses that deal with large volumes of traffic, data or both.

Make sure the host you choose for your VPS includes monitoring tools in their package offerings – these tools can help monitor everything from networks and apps to databases in order to spot potential issues early and alert you before they become larger than necessary. Monitoring solutions come in various forms, from network monitoring (which ensures your VPS remains connected to the internet) and IP/website blacklisting monitoring, which alerts you if either of your domain or IP are added to a blacklist list; to application monitoring which helps identify performance issues as well as any software which might be slowing your website down.

The ideal VPS providers will offer monitoring services as well as additional benefits, including 24/7 support, scalability and custom configuration settings ensuring you have enough RAM, processor power and storage space to run your website smoothly. Some hosts even go as far as offering security audits or malware removal – however the level of service your host offers depends on your unique requirements – therefore discussing them during a pre-sales discussion is recommended to get optimal service from them.


VPS server hosting is an ideal choice for e-commerce websites and apps that require greater control than shared web hosting, providing them with more control than shared web hosting but at an affordable price point. VPS hosting also boasts improved uptime performance – perfect for companies experiencing rapid expansion. However, not all hosts provide equal services; therefore it is crucial that research be performed on prospective hosts before making your choice.

TheServerHost managed Egypt VPS hosting providers provide clients with automatic backups designed to protect against hardware failure that could cause website downtime, which can be costly for businesses reliant on online sales. They will also protect all data by installing software programs to prevent hackers and reviewing server logs for suspicious activity.

Managed VPS hosting plans provide clients with an economical alternative to purchasing hardware and hiring an IT team to maintain it, while offering expert assistance in resolving any issues quickly so they can focus on expanding and growing their business.


An ideal VPS server must provide automatic backups with redundancy and restoration capabilities in case of hardware failure or website outage, to protect client data and minimize the risk of losing essential business information. Reputable providers routinely perform seven-day backups through their cPanel interfaces for client convenience.

They provide flexible scalability options with customizable RAM, CPU and storage space to meet individual requirements – perfect for websites experiencing frequent traffic spikes and ecommerce platforms that need stable environments. Clients can expand resources as needed without disturbing existing data – increasing performance and search engine rankings simultaneously while increasing security as a CDN service also enhances speed and security of websites.

Managed servers are designed to protect websites against hackers who exploit vulnerabilities by constantly monitoring hardware performance and applying regular software updates that maintain platform security. In addition, managed servers utilize firewalls which scrutinize data packets entering their system so as to block malicious data entering, thus blocking attackers from accessing client sites and decreasing risk caused by DDoS attacks.


Egypt Managed VPS Server Hosting services provide regular software updates and vulnerability scans/patching; as well as backup solutions in case of system crashes/other disasters. This enables users to focus on their business without being distracted by technical issues, and request support anytime throughout the year for any difficulties that they might be having with their VPS Hosting account.

TheServerHost VPS hosting providers use hypervisors to divide physical servers into virtual compartments with their own operating systems and allotted hardware resources, with each compartment equipped with its own operating system and fixed amount of resources. In addition, they utilize firewalls that filter and block malicious packets – such as those used by DDoS attacks that cripple websites or compromise service availability – using filters and blocklists against any potential attacks that might damage them further.

Egypt Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server may cost more than shared hosting, but its extra expense may be justified if your business requires high bandwidth capacity and fast connections with customers. These servers offer superior performance and security; typically housed in professional data centers with redundant hardware and multiple uplink providers to help ensure higher uptime with less downtime.

Many dedicated hosting providers implement stringent security measures to protect their client websites. They employ various software programs to scan systems and networks for intrusion attempts by hackers and other threats; offering such software at reduced monthly prices to its clients as part of its offering.

Managed services of a Egypt dedicated server hosting plan typically include monitoring, updates and customer support – these services typically operate round-the-clock; companies are required to compensate clients if their uptime fails. Some providers also offer software packages at discounted fees with their dedicated server plans.

TheServerHost provides dedicated servers that are physically isolated from other users, increasing cyber security and decreasing DDoS attacks. Their powerful engines allow for high traffic volumes without disrupting websites and allow the installation of software programs that increase website speed and SEO rankings.

Dedicated servers are an ideal solution for websites that experience heavy traffic loads and require more disk space than shared hosting plans can offer. Their reliable hardware, Gigabit Ethernet connections, and software programs designed to improve website functionality make dedicated servers an excellent option. Dedicated servers also allow secure payment processing which makes them perfect for ecommerce stores that must comply with PCI compliance, while offering clients features to maximize sales and traffic generation.

They can be utilized as web servers, databases and enterprise apps and offer high speeds and large storage capacities – perfect for companies that need high speeds with ample storage capacities.

Data Centers

Data centers are an integral component of hosting services, offering a safe environment to protect servers against security threats while guaranteeing optimal performance. They also feature features to manage hosting services efficiently such as monitoring and troubleshooting; these features may reduce downtime while increasing data protection.

Fully managed hosting offers significant cost-cutting advantages over on-premises dedicated infrastructure by way of reduced capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx). OpEx includes electricity costs, maintenance and personnel; CapEx includes investments made into equipment or software purchases.

With fully managed dedicated hosting, all hardware and operating expenses are combined into one monthly fee. This helps avoid upfront expenses while enabling your business to grow without concern over budget.

Managed hosting services provide many advantages, including automatic software and hardware updates to save both staff time and money, as well as offsite backup storage that gives you flexibility when switching hosting providers.

Managed hosting provides numerous advantages over self-managed servers, especially when it comes to customer support. Reliable hosting providers typically offer round-the-clock customer support to quickly resolve issues quickly and efficiently; assist with migrations/upgrades; can upgrade servers as necessary and even offer firewall and anti-virus protection solutions.

Egypt VPS Servers

TheServerHost Egypt VPS servers are tailored to meet the needs of clients who have outgrown shared hosting plans. Capable of hosting unlimited websites and apps, VPSs are ideal for SaaS providers, game makers, programmers, and programmers who require fast scalability. Plus, these VPSs come equipped with free software solutions designed to increase SEO rankings and enhance website performance

Virtual Private Servers are ideal for businesses seeking to increase bandwidth capacity and website performance, providing customizable memory and disk space sizes tailored specifically for client requirements, hosted in top-tier data centers that reduce downtime, designed to thwart DDoS attacks from taking down websites, with regular backups to protect websites in case of data loss and limited number of services running – both of which reduce attack surfaces by closing unnecessary ports and services running simultaneously.

Dedicated servers are an ideal choice for websites with high visitor volumes that demand significant processing power. Their exceptional stability and reliability can keep your site online 24/7/365, thanks to backup power generators and fast network interfaces. Furthermore, they come equipped with software programs like content management systems and ecommerce platforms that optimize for search engines while turning visitors into customers – saving both time and money while helping grow your business faster.

Managed Servers

Managed server hosting providers offer an impressive range of hardware configurations tailored to fit the specific requirements of any business. Their dedicated servers are located in top-tier data centers with fast processors and ECC memory – perfect for business users seeking the ultimate performance from their dedicated server hosting experience. Managed server hosting providers also offer dedicated IP addresses and unmetered bandwidth capacity, both of which are essential features for websites with high visitor volumes. In addition, managed hosting services provide various software programs that optimize website performance – content management systems, ecommerce platforms and analytics tools can increase search engine rankings, boost conversions and save clients time and money that they can put toward developing products or services more quickly.

If you need reliable managed server hosting solutions at an affordable price, TheServerHost offers reliable options with unlimited bandwidth and complimentary SSL certificates. Their dedicated servers are located in top-tier datacenters and feature Intel Xeon processors that can manage large amounts of data while offering gigabit Ethernet connections to ensure database applications run at optimal speeds – an excellent option for small businesses needing to store and process significant amounts of information.

TheServerHost not only offers high-performance servers, but their team of expert techs are available via Skype and live chat to answer technical inquiries and install applications like email servers or CMSs for clients – saving them the expense of hiring an in-house IT staff. Furthermore, TheServerHost offers different plans suited to different needs (Linux/Windows), with free trial periods so clients can try before committing. Their intuitive graphical control panel makes website management simple while each server comes equipped with its own free domain name!


TheServerHost offers dedicated server hosting solutions for clients looking to expand their business online. Located in top-tier Egypt datacenters and powered by Intel Xeon processors, their servers can handle high traffic volumes without issue. Furthermore, reliable power generators and multiple high-speed network interfaces ensure maximum website performance without compromise.

TheServerHost offers affordable dedicated servers to fit any budget, featuring gigabit Ethernet connections and reliable power generators. In addition, they offer various software programs which can be installed onto servers to optimize performance such as content management systems, ecommerce platforms and analytics programs – which may help increase visitor traffic and sales while improving search engine rankings.

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