All Soulmask console commands, listed

While the grindy nature of survival games is appealing for some people, nobody can blame you for wanting to speed things up a bit in Soulmask.

If you’re playing on a dedicated server, you can do exactly that. There aren’t as many console commands for Soulmask as most other cheat-friendly games typically have, but there are enough to give you complete control over the rules of your world.

How to use console commands in Soulmask

Waiting for the grass to grow? There’s a command for that. Screenshot by Dot Esports

It’s important to know you can only use console commands in a private dedicated server. This unfortunately means, at least for the time being, single-player games (and, of course, public servers) will be strictly rule-bound. The other important caveat is you can only use console commands in Soulmask if you or whoever set up the dedicated server included a gm key as a custom parameter.

However, you don’t need to be the person hosting the server to use the console. So long as you have the password, you can use commands. Bring up the console by pressing tilde (~) on your keyboard, and then input the command “gm key [password],” replacing the brackets with whatever gm password has been set up for that server.

You won’t be able to use any commands until you’ve put that password in, so don’t forget it. If you do, you can always double-check in the .ini file for your server.

All Soulmask console commands

Once you’ve opened the console and put in the gm password, you’ll be able to modify your game by using any of the following commands.

Console Command Code Description
gm key [password] Open GM Panel
gm AddExp [value] Add experience points
gm Addmjexp [value] Add Mask experience points
gm Addshoulieexp [value] Add Hunting experience points
gm XiDian Reset experience points
gm ZiSha 1 Kill player
gm FuHuo Revive player
gm shanhao Delete character
GPS View player location
gm ZhaoMu Recruit NPC
gm Go [position_x][position_y][position_z] Teleport to position
gm ClearAllNpc Remove all NPCs
gm ClearSelect Remove selected NPC
gm ShuaXinZhiBei Refresh nearby vegetation
gm ShowInfo 1 Show player information
gm ShowInfo 0 Show target information
gm SetAttr YinShen 1 Enable invisibility
gm SetAttr YinShen 0 Disable invisibility
gm JSMJ Repair all Mask Nodes
gm ShowMap Unlock full map
gm KeJiShu Unlock all Technology Nodes
gm ShowReDu Show Barbarian Invasion Heat information
gm ClearAllReDu Clear Barbarian Invasion Heat
gm AddReDu [value] Increase Barbarian Invasion Heat at current location
gm ChongZhiRenWu Reset all Tutorial missions
Debuginfo 1 View server information panel
Debuginfo 0 Close server information panel

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