PlanetHoster Unveils HybridCloud N0C®, a Next-Generation Dedicated Server Offering

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the new range of dedicated servers, HybridCloud N0C®.

What is a HybridCloud N0C® Server (Geek Version)?

A HybridCloud N0C® dedicated server combines the benefits of classic bare metal offers with the flexibility of a private cloud.


Customers will have access to compute nodes equipped with the latest generation AMD processors (CPU).

The CPU is a critical component in a server. The latest generation AMD offers high-performance vCPUs for processing requests.

Our previous solutions were optimized for 16 vCPUs. This new generation of infrastructure supports 32 vCPUs, providing more power per instance for applications requiring advanced processing capacity.

High-Frequency RAM

High-frequency RAM offers maximum performance for PlanetHoster’s proprietary caching system. This new architecture supports instances with 128 GB and, on request, 384 GB of RAM.

Disk Space

High-performance disk space (SSD/NVMe), centralized with triple replication, erasure coding, and high availability.

Previously, we spoke of RAID 10. But now, we offer a centralized high-availability system with triple replication for your data. Although the cost of disk space is above the market average, it provides superior performance and increased security for your data.

Additionally, we include an extra N0C Storage partition (S3 protocol compatible) for archiving, large files, multimedia files, and more.

Each instance can have up to 6 terabytes in high-performance mode, triple replication, or multiple petabytes on the N0C Storage partition.

N0C Web Server (Web Engine)

Historically, Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX were the standards in the market. PlanetHoster has created a system that combines the benefits of each web engine, allowing you to benefit from LSCACHE caching, Layer 7 protections, and more.

N0C Management Platform and Panel (PaaS)

The N0C management panel has several advantages.

First, you get a CMS installer (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) at no extra cost to speed up your deployments. Thus, there is no need to install third-party software for CMS management (like Softaculous).

Moreover, this innovation offers a managed WordPress approach to your clients.

The N0C management panel is included for free with your dedicated server, allowing you to create an unlimited number of N0C accounts on your HybridCloud N0C dedicated server.

Finally, multiple versions of PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby are also available by default.

High-Performance N0C Caching

PlanetHoster has developed a caching system that supports higher traffic with the same CPU/RAM configuration.

System Kernel and Operating System

HybridCloud N0C dedicated servers include a native CloudLinux system kernel, integrating security features such as CageFS and LVE. To avoid server reboots during minor updates, the KernelCare option has been added.

Name Servers

HybridCloud N0C dedicated servers benefit from N0C platform certified, anycast, and anti-DDoS name servers. A key advantage for clients wanting to switch websites between dedicated and shared environments with minimal impact to save costs, and vice versa, it will be possible to move an N0C account from the The World N0C offer to HybridCloud N0C.

The name servers are:

  •; and

Spam Filter for Mailboxes

The N0C platform offers free protection against spam emails and protects your IP reputation by controlling outgoing emails.

Access to PlanetHoster RPMs for Security or Version Updates

Previously, updates could affect the operation of dedicated servers. Now, PlanetHoster adds an expertise layer by adequately testing new versions under PlanetHoster RPMs, ensuring the proper operation of your server at all times.

Physical Security, Disaster Recovery, and Uptime

PlanetHoster’s private clouds are located in TIER III and TIER IV certified environments (99.982 % uptime), SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-1 Type II, ISO 50001, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, PCI-DSS, and SOC-2 Type II.

Additionally, PlanetHoster ensures double access security and monitoring in various locations for maximum physical security. Each location has a replica in a remote data center via encrypted redundant links.

PlanetHoster Migration Service

PlanetHoster’s team offers turnkey solutions to facilitate your migration. You can opt for a migration from a third-party infrastructure or from the previous generation HybridCloud WHM/cPanel.

A comparative table between N0C and cPanel will be added later.

HybridCloud N0C® Server (Finance Version)

5-Year Projection

In the financial sector, it is crucial to plan expenses over the medium term. PlanetHoster deploys CAPEX over a 5-year horizon, aiming to minimize rate increases during this period, with energy being the only variable.

Cost Optimization

This solution maximizes your EBITDA by reducing platform costs with a certain volume. It offers excellent savings compared to an environment where licenses are billed linearly based on the number of accounts.


To optimize your profits, choose a base configuration and scale it according to your clients’ needs. This way, your operational costs remain low and your margins maximized.

HybridCloud N0C® Server (Marketing Version) Easy Website Creation

HybridCloud N0C® allows you to deploy a network of websites easily and quickly. For example, you can configure multiple WordPress sites with different IPs for optimal SEO. WordPress installation is done in one click.

HybridCloud N0C® Server (Management Version) : A Smart Choice for Continuity

Are your IT teams overwhelmed or undergoing changes? Our team ensures the monitoring and security of your infrastructure 24/7/365, allowing you to take vacations or easily replace team members without requiring a learning curve for newcomers.

How to Order a PlanetHoster HybridCloud N0C?

HybridCloud N0C dedicated servers are available now. To order, please visit the following page: Order a PlanetHoster HybridCloud N0C Server

For more information, our team is at your disposal: Contact Us

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