Does Enshrouded support dedicated servers?

Survival action games feature environments that are suitable for staying online 24/7. This allows players to jump in and out of a breathing world, and whether Enshrouded supports dedicated servers will be a deciding factor in the game’s multiplayer meta.

As a fan of titles similar to Enshrouded, I like both the co-op and dedicated server experiences. Co-op hosting allows you to always be on the same page as your friends since you can only play together when the host is present. But this approach can get old as you start mastering the game. Your schedules might clash, and you’ll also want to play without waiting for anyone.

Playing multiplayer Enshrouded on a dedicated server alongside your friends will lift the limitations of co-op hosting, and you’ll always be able to log into the server and play at your own pace.

Are there dedicated servers in Enshrouded?

All this land will be filled with players. Image via Keen Games

Yes, Enshrouded supports dedicated servers, and a Keen Games developer confirmed this in a Steam Community discussion thread.

Enshrouded has had dedicated server support since its closed beta stage, and that will continue to be the case in early access and full release. Hosting services online are already advertising their dedicated server offers for Enshrouded.

How do you host dedicated servers in Enshrouded?

To host dedicated servers in Enshrouded, rent a server through a third-party hosting service. Players who have previously played Minecraft or ​​ARK: Survival Evolved will likely be familiar with this process since it’s the same.

Keen Games might also host community servers that host hundreds or thousands of players. Community servers tend to be competitive and generally lack privacy, meaning the chances of your waking up to demolished bases will be high compared to a private dedicated server.

If Enshrouded comes to consoles after its release, we might also witness the rise of dedicated server providers with ranging qualities and game modes.

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