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Palworld players enjoying the game on a dedicated server have been encountering a performance issue where Black Marketeers are not respawning for them. These are key NPCs in the game. Although they are quite evil in their ways, they will sell you rare Pals or drop Golden keys and Gold if you kill them.

This is why many in the community look to track down these Black Marketeers. Moreover, you can capture them and put them in your base to have a steady supply of rare Pals.

The NPCs usually respawn after a day passes in the game; however, those on the dedicated servers are facing an issue where the Black Marketeers are not respawning for them. While no permanent fix is available for this problem, there fortunately are some workarounds provided below that you can try.

How to fix the “Black Marketeer not Respawning” error in Palworld

Here are a few things you can do to try and solve the problem:

1) Wait a few in-game days

The first thing you will need to do is to wait a few in-game days to check if a Marketeer is respawning. If he doesn’t spawn after the first day and night cycle passes, wait some time more to see if he reappears.

2) Wait for server reset

Palworld servers are reset at 12:00 am PST every day. If a Marketeer is not appearing for you, then you will need to wait for the server to be reset to see if he comes back or not.

3) Restart your server

If you have caught a Black Marketeer instead of killing it, then you can make him respawn by restarting your dedicated server. When you reset it, the server automatically resets all the caught merchants. If you have killed the NPC, this fix is unlikely to work.

4) Wait for a patch

As Palworld is still in its early access phase, there are still a lot of performance issues that it’s facing. The Marketeers-not-appearing problem is one of them. Pocket Pair will be deploying a lot of updates in the coming weeks and months. You can wait for this studio to address the Marketeer issue in one of them.

5) Reach out to Pocket Pair support

If you continue to face the issue, you can reach out to the Pocket Pair Support Team for additional help.

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