Palworld – How to set up dedicated server hosting

Palworld – How to set up dedicated server hosting

How to set up a Palworld dedicated server depends on where you’re playing, as the Pokemon-like game only supports it for some players. The benefit of dedicated servers in Palworld is that you can team up with more players, but if you want a server that you can control independent of the ones Pocketpair provides, you’re in for rather a lot more work.

Bear in mind that only Palworld on Steam supports dedicated servers. If you’re on Xbox, you can still play with friends, but only up to three other people can join a session.

Our Palworld dedicated server guide explains how to join a dedicated server and how to set one of your own up.

Palworld – How to join a dedicated server

Pocketpair has several dedicated servers on the game’s main menu. Choose “Join multiplayer game,” and then pick the server you want. This method is the cheapest and most convenient way of playing a Palworld dedicated server, though since it’s a public server, you can’t choose who you play with. If you want a tailored experience for a smaller group, stick to regular Palworld multiplayer.

Pocketpair promised community server support at launch, but so far, it looks like that isn’t really an option yet. It’s possible the feature just wasn’t ready, and it may turn up in the Palworld roadmap later on.

Palworld – How to set up a dedicated server

Since there’s no working community server function yet, your only option for creating a dedicated server of your own is rather more involved. The first method involves going through a third-party server host, which costs money, but it also means you don’t have to use your computer to handle the load. 

We don’t recommend this method, as Pocketpair will eventually let you build dedicated servers in the game.

The second method uses Steam. Open your Steam library, and on the left near the search bar, click “Games.” Make sure the box next to “Tools” is checked – the dedication server function is categorized under “tools” and won’t show up otherwise – and then search for Palworld.

Choose the “Dedicated Server” option, and you should see a black command prompt window open. That’s your sign that everything’s working properly. If it doesn’t work, make sure your firewalls, VPN, and other security software aren’t blocking Palworld.

From there, share your IP address with the friends you want to play with, and you’re good to go. Since your IP address counts as sensitive information, you should only do this with people you trust.

The downside to this method, aside from having to share your IP address, is that your PC has to stay on constantly for the server to function. If you shut it off, the server vanishes.

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