Palworld dedicated server | How to set up servers explained

Palworld dedicated server | How to set up servers explained

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We’ll also cover what you can do as an admin with a full list of admin commands and how your friends can connect to your server and vice versa.

You might not necessarily want your server running constantly in the background so we’ve got how to save your server and exit it for when your session needs to come to an end.

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There’s a lot of file-fiddling ahead so let’s get straight to getting that server set up!

Palworld dedicated server: How to set up servers explained

Palworld. Pocketpair

Below is every step you need to take in order to get your Palworld dedicated server up and running. Make sure to follow it closely as it’s easily to make mistakes or miss something.

  • Get your IPv4 address by typing ‘ipconfig’ in Command Prompt and copy the IPv4 address
  • Make sure Palworld is downloaded and you have launched it at least once
  • Download the Palworld Dedicated Server app on Steam
  • Right-click Palworld Dedicated Server and select ‘Manage’ then select ‘Browse Local Files
  • Select ‘PalSever’ and run it. A line of code will show up before disappearing
  • Select ‘DefaultPalWorldSettings’ and open it in Notepad and copy all the text from ‘/Script/Pal.PalGameWorldSettings’ to the end and then close Notepad
  • In the PalServer folder, open the Pal folder, then Saved, Config and finally WindowsServer
  • Select ‘PalWorldSettings’ and open it in Notepad
  • This file will be empty and you need to paste /Script/Pal.PalGameWorldSettings‘ with all the additional text
  • There will be a number of things to change in this code, which we have listed, and these require the text to be between quote (“) marks
    • ServerName= – Your desired server name e.g ‘Radio Times Palworld Server’
    • ServerDescription= – An optional description of your server e.g “Radio Times’ official Palworld Server”
    • AdminPassword= – A password needed to enable Admin commands e.g “RadioTimesizdabest”
    • ServerPassword= – The password players will need to join your server e.g “Subscribe2RadioTimes”
    • PublicIP= – The IPv4 address you got from Command Prompt earlier
  • Once all those changes are made, save and close the file
  • Make sure Palworld Server plays nice with your Firewall. Most people will be using Windows Defender with its included Firewall and if you fall into this camp, follow these next steps
  • Search for Windows Powershell then right-click it and select ‘Run as administrator’ and enter the following lines of code courtesy of TroubleChute via Eurogamer:
    • New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Palworld Server” -Direction Inbound -LocalPort 27015,27016,25575 -Protocol TCP -Action Allow
    • New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Palworld Server” -Direction Outbound -LocalPort 27015,27016,25575 -Protocol TCP -Action Allow
    • New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Palworld Server” -Direction Outbound -LocalPort 8211,27015,27016,25575 -Protocol UDP -Action Allow
    • New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Palworld Server” -Direction Inbound -LocalPort 8211,27015,27016,25575 -Protocol UDP -Action Allow
  • Next, you will need to port forward to allow Palworld Server packets to come and go via your router. This step depends entirely on what model of router you have, so you may need to look up the appropriate guide for what router you have
  • Once you have found the port forward tab on your router, you need to port forward the following numbers with a TCP/UDP protocol and potentially your IPv4 address from the Command Prompt:
  • After this, run Palworld Dedicated Server and select ‘Play Palworld Dedicated Server’ then press ‘Play’ which will open up Command Prompt and make sure to leave this open
  • A Windows Firewall pop-up may appear and make sure you allow Palworld Dedicated Server to run
  • After all this, your Palworld server will be good to go

How to join your own Palworld Dedicated Server

Palworld base guide image


Once you’ve done all of the above, you’ll no doubt want to reward all your hard work with actually playing Palworld on your very own server.

Fortunately, it’s plain sailing from here and there are no port forwarding shenanigans. You only need to click a few buttons to get where you want to go.

Below is exactly how to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  • Launch Palworld and select ‘Join Multiplayer Game
  • Below the server list is a ‘Connect’ button with your IPv4 address followed by the server port :8211
  • Simply press ‘Connect’ and enter your password and you will be in the server
  • To have your friends join your server, copy and paste your IPv4 address with the server port and send it to them to enter the same box on their game
  • Your friend needs to then enter the server password and then they will be able to join

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How to join your friend’s Palworld Dedicated Server

If one of your friends has gone to all the hard work of setting up a Palworld dedicated server then it’s as simple as getting them to join yours.

Just be sure to have their IPv4 address and to include the server port :8211.

  • Launch Palworld and select ‘Join Multiplayer Game
  • Enter your friends’ IPv4 code and server port into the text box next to ‘Connect
  • Enter the server password if your friend has set one up and you will find yourself in their Palworld Dedicated Server with any mods and server settings they’ve included
  • If the max player count of 32 has been reached, you won’t be able to connect

How to become an admin in a Palword Dedicated Sever: unlock admin privileges

Kingpaca in Palworld

Palworld. Pocketpair

If you’re playing on your own server, or the server host trusts you to dispense justice or mess about with the world, you’ll need admin privileges to do so.

To enable these, you need to enter the Admin Password in the chat box, which we’ll cover just below.

  • Press Enter to open the chat box
  • Type in ‘/Admin Password X’ with X being the admin password set in PalWorldSettings
  • Press Enter and you will be notified with ‘[SYSTEM]:AdminPassword is correct. You are now an Admin.’

From here, you’ll be able to use all sorts of useful commands which you can check out just below.

All Palworld sever admin commands

Leezpunk in Palworld

Palworld. Pocketpair

Below are all the commands you can use as a Palworld server admin. You’ll need to open the chat box and type them in to get the desired effects.

  • /BanPlayer{SteamID} – Ban a player from the server
  • /Broadcast{Message} – Broadcasts a message that everyone in the server can see
  • /DoExit – Immediately shut down the server
  • /Info – Show the server info
  • /KickPlayer{SteamID} – Kick a player from the server
  • /Save – Saves the game state as it currently is
  • /ShowPlayers – Shows all the players currently connected to the server
  • /ShutDown{Seconds}{Message} – Shut down the server in a specific time with a message broadcasted to all players
  • /TeleportToMe{SteamID} – Teleport a player to you
  • /TeleportToPlayer{SteamID} – Teleport yourself to another player’s location

How to save and exit a Palword Dedicated Server

Mammorest in Palworld

Palworld. Pocketpair

If you want to switch off your server but retain the progress made, you’ll need to use a couple of the admin commands listed above to do so.

You could just close Command Prompt, but this will result in all your progress being nuked, so unless you don’t particularly like what players have made, we wouldn’t recommend doing this.

So with this in mind, here’s how to save and exit your server safely.

  • Press Enter to open the chat box and type in ‘/Save’ and press Enter again to save the server state
  • Press Enter and type either ‘/DoExit’ or ‘/ShutDown{Seconds}{Message}’ to immediately shut the server down or in a set amount of time with an accompanying message

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