Is Palword crossplay and multiplayer? Here’s how to play with friends

Though there are no MMO-like servers with all these players, you can set up your own dedicated server and host up to 32 players – with some caveats, that is.

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If you are playing Palworld on Xbox Game Pass, you may have noticed some differences when compared to the Steam version, which spells trouble for crossplay compatibility.

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We’ll explore all options below, though, so read on to see what’s what with Palworld multiplayer.

Is Palword crossplay and multiplayer? Your options explained

Palworld characters. Pocketpair

Yes, Palworld is available to play in multiplayer.

There are a few different modes for multiplayer. These are all explained below:

Palworld co-op

In Palworld, up to four players can be together in a world, meaning you can invite three of your pals with Pals to help take down bosses or explore the map together.

You’re able to use your own single-player character in your world, but anyone you invite to your world won’t be able to bring theirs over and will have to start afresh. The same applies if you are joining someone else’s world.

Palworld crossplay: does the game support it?

Palworld has a limited version of crossplay available. Essentially, if you or friends are playing on Xbox or PC via Game Pass then yes, crossplay functionality is applicable.

General crossplay is not yet available, with developer Pocket Pair stating that it is “working to make this a possibility as soon as possible”.

How long that could be before the functionality is made available is hard to determine. Considering Palworld is in early access and the developers are more likely to consider getting the game to other platforms first, crossplay could be far down the list. So we wouldn’t expect it to be added in 2024.

Palworld dedicated servers

‘Pokémon with guns’ deserves more than just a paltry few people to get together, though, as proper mayhem is in order.

Pocketpair has confirmed that you can set up your own dedicated server that can host up to 32 players, and we’ve got just how to do that explained.

Pocketpair said in its official FAQ on Steam that it “will provide the tools to create these servers yourself at launch”.

Not only that, but we’ll be able to create guilds, too. We can see some Pokémon-esque ‘Gyms’ coming about.

How to play Palworld multiplayer

Kingpaca multiplayer in Palworld, with two players attacking a large sheep-like Pal

Palworld. Pocketpair

Palworld is split into two different multiplayer modes: online co-op play, which supports four players, and a dedicated server for up to 32 players. The latter is only available for those on Steam.

To set up online co-op play multiplayer as a host, you need to create a world and switch the multiplayer on. When in the game, open your inventory, go to the options tabs and the invite code can be found here to share.

Then anyone with the code can enter in on the main menu to join.

Accessing multiplayer via a dedicated server can be done so from the main menu. Simply select ‘Join Multiplayer Game’ and the server menu will open up with official, community and recent servers you’ve joined.

Once again, you can have your own personal server here, too.

Palworld is available in early access across Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Palworld launch trailer

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