How to make a dedicated server in Palworld

TL;DR: Hostinger’s Minecraft VPS Hosting is a versatile solution for hosting games like Palworld. Save up to 86% on Hostinger for a limited time.

Palworld has been dominating conversations within the world of gaming since its launch in early 2024, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. In fact, it seems like more and more gamers are trying to squeeze everything they can out of the game by considering dedicated servers.

Everything is better with company, and dedicated servers really help to get the most out of your multiplayer experience in Palworld. With a dedicated server helping you out, you can play with all your friends without frustrating issues that get in the way of the fun.

If you want to set up a dedicated server in Palworld, we have all the information you need.

How to make a dedicated server in Palworld

Setting up a dedicated server might seem like something that’s not achievable for your average gamer, but the process is actually fairly straightforward:

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  1. Select a game server hosting plan (Hostinger’s Minecraft VPS Hosting works well with Palworld)

  2. Set up your VPS

  3. Install SteamCMD (the command-line version of Steam is required to download Palworld server files)

  4. Download Palworld server files

  5. Configure your Palworld server (edit server configuration files to set the server name, password, game rules, and other settings)

  6. Launch the server

  7. Manage and maintain your Palworld server (implement updates and backups to ensure server integrity and data safety)

  8. Enhance your Palworld server (add mods or custom content)

What is the best Palworld server hosting provider?

Hostinger is widely recognised for offering some powerful options optimised for Minecraft, but this provider is also a versatile solution for hosting games like Palworld. The custom-built Game Panel and scalable VPS plans are appealing to beginners looking for an easy means of launching and expanding their servers. Hostinger also offers some of the best customer support to help you deal with any potential issues.

For a limited time, you can secure a subscription to Hostinger for as little as £1.49 per month. This deal saves you 86% on list price.

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