How to Fix Enshrouded Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up

How to Fix Enshrouded Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up

Some Enshrouded worlds are on dedicated servers, but lately, they have not been showing up for some. Luckily, we have you covered on the fix.

Enshrouded worlds can take a lot of work to build, and players have been unable to find their servers. However, while it may seem like all that hard work and hope is lost, a few solutions exist to restore your world. In our guide below, we have listed some different processes to find your dedicated servers in Enshrouded.

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How to Fix Enshrouded Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up

There are multiple different methods, including checking server status, updating the game, and much more, to have your Enshrouded dedicated server reappear. Here are all the different ways to get your servers to reappear.

Game Server Status

As with many online games, checking to see if the Enshrouded servers are online is an excellent place to start. If the developer has taken the game offline for any reason or servers have crashed, the server will not appear. It is best to look into the Keen Games X account for any server status.

Update Enshrouded Game Application and Servers.

Updating Enshrouded is crucial, as you can’t access its online components without the latest version of the game. Therefore, the server may not be visible until you have updated it. Additionally, ensure that the server properly updates along with the game so there are no issues.

Waiting for Developer Fix

Another good course of action is waiting for the developers, Keen Games, to fix any underlying issues concerning dedicated servers in Enshrouded. As many players have been vocal about the issue, there is a good chance the developers have recognized it and are looking into solid patches for the game.

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Dedicated Server Name

If everything is updated and versions match, the next option is to double-check that the server name you have created is the same as what you are currently entering. While this may seem simple, even just one slight change in a name can cause a dedicated server to not appear.

Restart Enshrouded Dedicated Server

As a last resort, players who cannot find their dedicated server world in Enshrouded and wish to play will likely have to restart. Although it can be a lot of work, it is a solution that allows players to jump back into the gameplay as fast as possible. However, this is only recommended for those who have tried the abovementioned options.

That is every way to bring back your dedicated server in Enshrouded. If you found this guide helpful and wish to see more on the game, head to our Guide Hub here.

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