Enshrouded Players Tackle Dedicated Server Visibility Issue

Enshrouded Players Tackle Dedicated Server Visibility Issue

Online gaming has evolved into a complex ecosystem, and a recent hiccup in the popular game Enshrouded has underscored this complexity. Players have been encountering a puzzling issue: dedicated servers are not showing up, effectively preventing them from logging into the game. However, the resilient gaming community has discovered several methods to circumvent the problem, hinting at the underlying potential for user-driven solutions in the gaming industry.

Game Updates: The Primary Solution

Updating the game is the foremost solution suggested by the community. This seemingly simple step often fixes bugs and enhances the overall gaming experience. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, regular updates are critical to ensure smooth gameplay and user satisfaction. This incident with Enshrouded is a stark reminder of the importance of staying updated in the gaming world.

Server Identification and IP Favoriting

Another helpful method is writing down the exact name of the server, which aids its swift identification. Furthermore, adding the server’s IP to the favorites on Steam has also proved beneficial. Players must ensure that the Query Port matches the Game Port. This action typically results in the server appearing post-refresh. These solutions underscore how even in a seemingly solitary digital endeavor like gaming, community support and shared knowledge can prove invaluable.

Checking Developer Announcements and Future Expectations

Players are also advised to check the developer’s social channels for any announcements regarding server maintenance or temporary shutdowns, which could explain the issue. Keen Games, the developer of Enshrouded, has yet to make an official statement about maintenance breaks. However, the players remain hopeful for a permanent fix through an upcoming patch or update. Despite its recent launch in Early Access and the accompanying technical issues, Enshrouded has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with over 1 million players joining within four days of its release. This event is a testament to the strong performance of early access survival games in the market.


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