Enshrouded: How to set up or join a dedicated server to play multiplayer

While Enshrouded’s peer-to-peer co-op multiplayer has all the same options that full dedicated servers do, the major drawback of these sessions is that they require the host to be online and playing the game. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, persist and remain available to join regardless of whether or not their owner — or anyone — is in-game and connected to them. This makes them ideal for friend groups that want a session they can connect to around the clock, but don’t want to make anyone in the group responsible for keeping Enshrouded open 24/7.

You can rent dedicated servers from providers — developer Keen Games has officially partnered with GPortal, in fact — but you also have the option of setting up a dedicated server yourself and using a PC you own to run it. Thankfully, this process is pretty easy, and while personal dedicated servers do use some system resources, they’re far less demanding than running the game non-stop is.


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