All Palworld Console Commands

All Palworld Console Commands

Yeah, playing Palworld solo is great and all, but if you take the time to set up a dedicated server for you and your friends, you get access to a whole host of options and settings to tweak. Here’s a breakdown of all available console commands in Palworld.

All Console Commands in Palworld

After setting up a dedicated server in Palworld, you’ll now be able to execute various console commands to manage the server and ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved. There are also a couple of quality-of-life settings you can play around with, and we’ll go over each one down below:

Console Command Effect
/Shutdown (seconds) (message text) Shuts down the server in the stated time
/DoExit Shuts down the server immediately
/Broadcast (message text) Broadcasts a text message to all players in the server
/KickPlayer (Steam ID) Kicks a player with the indicated Steam ID from the server
/BanPlayer Bans a player with the indicated Steam ID from the server
/TeleportToPlayer (Steam ID) Teleport yourself to the location of the player with the indicated Steam ID
/TeleportToMe (Steam ID) Teleports the player with the indicated Steam ID to your location
/ShowPlayers Brings up a list of all players in the server
/Info Shows you relevant server info including server name and game version
/Save Saves all data and changes made in the server

How to Use Console Commands

Screenshot captured by The Escapist

Now that you’ve got a full list of the console commands in Palworld, it’s time to talk about how you can actually use them.

Assuming you’ve got admin privileges in the dedicated server, all you have to do is hit Enter to bring up the chatbox, then key in the console command, including the forward slash. Do note that the commands with brackets/parentheses require you to enter the relevant info, such as the time in seconds, your desired message text, and the Steam ID of specific players in the server.

Hit Enter once you’ve put in the command, and you’re good to go.

Console commands can be really useful, especially if you want to broadcast a message to everyone in the server. It can be handy for asking your friends to focus on gathering Wheat Seeds or Pure Quartz for instance, or if you just want to send a nice encouraging message to everyone.

And that’s all you need to know about console commands in Palworld and how to use them.

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