The best Palworld mods | Digital Trends

The best Palworld mods | Digital Trends

If there’s a popular game on PC, then it’s only a matter of time before there are mods for it. In the case of Palworld, it took less than a week for dozens of mods to start pouring in for this massively popular survival game. There is already a ton of content in the game now, with all the various items to craft and different Pal types to catch, but mods can help some of the lagging areas of the game before the developers have time to provide any official updates or patches.

If you want to tweak the game to your liking, or maybe just have some extra fun, here are some of the best mods available for Palworld so far. More mods are always being created, so we will keep this list updated with the best, most fun, and most useful mods as they are released.

Instructions on how to use mods are listed on the official mod pages.

Local co-op and dedicated server options


One of the downsides to Palworld is that, despite having multiplayer options, it is limited to either four players on Xbox or 32 on Steam (and there’s no cross-platform support, either). While this Local co-op and dedicated server options mod can’t make your servers allow for cross-play, it can increase how many people you can play with, along with some other nice tweaks. So far this mod allows you to increase the number of players to either six on console or an undetermined number on PC with a simple change to a line of code. Some other options you can tweak are how fast the day/night cycle is, the server name, and how fast players gain XP.

Game tweaks

A list of game tweaks text in Palworld.
Nexus Mods

If you’re not really feeling the more “gamey” aspects of Palworld and just want to enjoy the world at your own pace, the Game Tweaks mod lets you take control of almost all the systems that slow you down and tweak them to your liking. This mod opens up a ton of options for you to modify, such as how much stamina drains while running, climbing, flying, etc., how much health regenerates, how much items weigh, what respawn times are, what your stat gain is on level up, and so much more.

Play as Misty

A misty character model in Palworld.

Look, anyone who has played Palworld knows that it is way more than just the “Pokemon with guns” game people claimed it would be. Still, the comparisons can’t be ignored and fans couldn’t resist bringing these two worlds together. Play as Misty lets you swap your female character model to Ash’s longtime friend and Water-type trainer Misty. The proportions are a little odd, but she looks great and can let you trick yourself into thinking you’re playing the next Pokemon game if you squint a little bit and ignore the guns. We only expect more mods combining the two franchises to be made, so keep on the lookout.


Palworld running with the mtpbwy mod.

Ignoring the name, MTPBWY-Palworld is a repurposed mod originally made to help get Jedi Survivor running better. This is a plug-in that makes Unreal Engine games run smoother, especially those with older or less powerful hardware. Palworld isn’t the most demanding game, but if you’re noticing some performance issues, this mod will most likely be able to clear those up for you.

Spyro As Foxparks

A player petting spyro in Palworld.

Model swaps are going to go wild in Palworld, so let’s keep it somewhat tame with the Spyro As Foxparks mod. This isn’t some simple reskin, though. This mod has a fully custom skeleton with animations taken directly out of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, although there are still some aspects and features coming, such as more skin colors, sound effects, and additional animations. We may not be getting a new official Spyro game soon, but you can hang out with your favorite purple dragon in Palworld.

Ghibli Style Preset

A player overlooking the landscape in Palworld.

Palworld isn’t a bad-looking game, and does have a lot of color to it, but it doesn’t quite pop like some other games. The Ghibli Style Preset mod is a reshade mod that gives the world more depth of color and a more dynamic feel. Now, if you’re expecting a completely new look in that anime-style the mod is named for, you will be disappointed. However, this does get you a bit closer to that warmer, cozier style.

Maximum Graphic Mod

A player looking over cloudy cliffs in Palworld.

On the other hand, if you’re all about raw graphical fidelity, check out the Maximum Graphic Mod. This adds a ton of visual improvements including higher-resolution shadows, reduced pop-in, better clouds, and ambient occlusion. It works with five resolutions. Bear in mind that this does require you to have a fairly beefy PC to run well, but if you have a rig that can handle it, this mod can make the game look almost an entire generation better.

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