Palworld servers down? How to check their status?

Everyone is talking about Palworld and we can’t blame it. Just one weekend and it’s already breaking records on Steam in terms of sales and concurrent users, and it’s barely in Early Access. Not to mention the impact it has had on Xbox as one of the titles coming to Game Pass. While Palworld’s legacy is far from settled, it’s time to take a look at one of the details that can always cause problems in games as a service, massive online worlds, and any service or game that relies on internet service: The servers.

How to check the Palworld server status?

One of the great attractions of Palworld, aside from the Pokémon with weapons, is its gameplay. Being a survival game, it is an experience that can be for a single player, but that you can share with others and play online. Although the game is young, the high load it had at its launch saturated the game servers, causing problems for players trying to enter the game.

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Although these problems have already been solved, we give you some tips in case it is necessary to check the status of the Palworld servers.

  1. The first option, is to check the Palworld social networks, both Twitter/X and Facebook, as well as the Pocket Pair Discord channel. During this first weekend, the accounts have been constantly updating and informing players about their status.
  2. Another way to check the servers is to visit the Palworld Server Status website.

It should be noted that single player mode is not affected by server issues. And remember, you can always set your dedicated server.

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More about Palworld

If you are entering the world of Palworld and want some places to start, here are some tips and sites that might work for you:

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