Palworld Players on Xbox Are Missing Out on One Major Feature

Palworld Players on Xbox Are Missing Out on One Major Feature

Palworld’s multiplayer options are limited on the Xbox version.

Palworld is on Xbox Game Pass which means that tons of people just got access to it now that Palworld is officially out as of January 19th. The same goes for the PC version, too, since it’s on Xbox’s PC Game Pass as well, but all those Xbox and PC players are now finding out that the Xbox and Game Pass versions of the game are lacking something that the Steam version has: dedicated servers. That means that if you’re planning on playing with more than a few friends in Palworld, your options will be much more limited on the Xbox version or the PC version played through Game Pass.

Palworld on Xbox and PC via Game Pass don’t have dedicated servers at all, the Palworld devs have confirmed. News about that absent feature surfaced this week in conversations over on the game’s Discord server where players were looking for that very option to play with multiple friends at once only to find out that wouldn’t be an option. What’s worse, it looks like that feature might not be coming for Xbox users in the near future either since Palworld developer Pocket Pair has said that adding dedicated servers isn’t up to them.

Where Are Palworld’s Dedicated Servers on Xbox?

A Palworld FAQ was shared within the game’s Discord server amid its release that addressed a number of different topics. Among those were dedicated servers with Pocket Pair community manager Bucky breaking the bad news.

“Dedicated servers and official servers are not available for Xbox or Xbox PC,” Bucky said in the Palworld Discord. “Co-op can be played with up to 4 players on these devices. Cross play between Xbox and Xbox PC is possible.”

That FAQ continued to say that “larger server support for Xbox is something the team wishes to do” but that it wouldn’t be available at launch. Another post from the same community manager reiterated that answer while adding that the it’s “unfortunately not up to us and is quite difficult to negotiate at this time.” Bucky edited the comment later to avoid a dogpile on Xbox by saying that the situation isn’t anyone’s fault and is “more of a negotiation rather than just throwing them up.”

Regardless of if anyone’s at fault or how negotiations are going, the fact is that right now, Palworld multiplayer on the Steam version has far more support thanks to dedicated servers being live there. On the Xbox and PC Game Pass versions, co-op only supports up to four players in one session. If you’re on a dedicated server on the Steam version, you can have eight times as many players with 32 people supported on Palworld dedicated servers.

The Discord channel has been pretty active so far since the game just released, and blog posts have already been shared on the game’s Steam page to share insights into what’s being worked on, so hopefully Xbox and PC Game Pass players will get updates on the possibility of dedicated servers for those platforms sooner rather than later.

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