Palworld multiplayer: how to get started in co-op

Palworld multiplayer: how to get started in co-op

As is the case with so many survivalcraft games, Palworld is great for chilling, grinding, and crafting with your pals. The human ones, I mean, but also your Chikipis and Lamballs. Basic Palworld multiplayer allows up to 4-player co-op but community servers and dedicated servers can host up to 32 players. And although there is no crossplay at launch, Pocketpair says that’s in its plans for the near future.

Here’s what you need to know about starting multiplayer games in Palworld and what you can actually do with your friends once they’ve joined.

How to start multiplayer in Palworld 

(Image credit: Pocketpair)

The first thing to know about Palworld multiplayer is that every character is tied to the world or server where you made them and can’t be transferred between saves. So in every new server or co-op world you join, you’ll have a separate character with their own progression. Pocketpair does say that it plans to have a “server/save transfer method later on during development,” so that may change eventually.

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