Palworld multiplayer guide: How to invite friends

Palworld multiplayer guide: How to invite friends

Palworld has blasted onto Steam and Xbox Game Pass, allowing players to build entire empires run by the Pals they have captured and collected. If you’re enjoying yourself, there’s further good news, as Palworld can be played in the company of friends, too.

Palworld multiplayer is available from launch, and allows you to battle and build alongside your friends across the Palpagos Island. If you’re wondering how to get started, here’s how to play Palworld multiplayer.

How to play Palworld multiplayer

To play Palworld multiplayer, you have two options. You can either join a World hosted by someone else (or invite someone to your world) which is capped at a maximum of four players.

If you fancy playing with a larger party, however, you can instead join (or host) a dedicated server for Palworld, which will allow for up to 32 players.

How to join or invite someone to a World in Palworld

You can start your own world and invite your friends to join it, or you can join someone else’s world.

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To join another player’s world, select ‘Join Multiplayer Game (Invite Code)’ from the home screen. You will then be prompted to input an invite code, which your friend hosting the world will be able to send to you.

To invite another player to your world, select ‘Start Game’ from the home screen and select the world you would like to invite your friends to. Once in-game, open the ‘Options’ menu, and you will see a box in which you can view an invite code; this invite code will change every time you restart the game. Give this to the player you want to join your game, and voila!

How to join or host a dedicated server in Palworld

If you’re playing Palworld on PC and want to play with more than four players, you can host or join a dedicated server for the game. These typically support a maximum of 32 players.

To join or host a dedicated server, you will need to be playing Palworld via Steam. If you’re playing using another platform, you’ll sadly only be able to use Palworld’s built-in multiplayer options and not servers.

The 'start multiplayer game' option is labelled in Palworld's main menu
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Once in-game, select ‘Join Multiplayer Game’ from the home screen. Here, you’ll be able to see a whole host of dedicated servers for the game; some are official, some are community-based, and if none of them take your fancy, you can ultimately host your own.

If you’re thinking of hosting your own, Pocketpair provides a Palworld Tech Guide which details exactly how to get your own server up and running.

What can you do in Palworld multiplayer?

Fortunately, playing Palworld in multiplayer will not see you miss out on anything that you would experience solo. Players can trade items and Pals whenever they please, and you can even help your friends out with building tasks to speed things up.

If you and your friends join the same Guild too, you’ll be able to use structures at one another’s bases without issue. If you’re worried about one of your friends nabbing some of your hard-earned resources, however, do not fret, as Palworld features a security system that will allow you to put passcodes on your chests and base if you feel the need.

Players will also be able to battle together. Whether this is catching sizeable Pals in the overworld or taking on one of Palworld’s Tower Bosses (such as Zoe and Grizzbolt at Rayne’s Syndicate Tower), you and your crew will be able to team up and complete these fights together.

For more on Palworld, take a look at how to restore the Sanity levels of your Pals, as well as which Pals make great mounts for helping with the traversal of the Palpagos Islands.

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