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All of the console commands in Palworld for admins so you can teleport, kick players, and manually save the game.

Palworld console commands aren’t like commands in other games. Because the game is still in early access, the available inputs are quite limited and are only available for server admins. Below is how you make yourself an admin, how to enable the admin commands, and all of the available console commands in Palworld.

All Admin console commands

There are only a few console commands in Palworld as of the time of writing. These inputs are also only available for admins on a server. Further down is information on how to make yourself an admin. For now, take a look at this table containing all of the available commands. You must first activate your admin powers by typing the following into the chat and hitting Enter:

/AdminPassword [password]

Palworld console commands
Input Result
/Broadcast [text] Broadcasts a message to all players currently on the server.
/KickPlayer [SteamID] Kicks the player from the game that was specified. You will need their Steam ID.
/BanPlayer [SteamID] Bans the player listed in the Steam ID slot. As above, you will need their Steam ID. 
/TeleportToPlayer [SteamID] Teleports you to another player.
/TeleportToMe [SteamID] Teleports another player to you.
/ShowPlayers Shows all the information about any players currently connected to the server.
/Info Shows information about the server.
/Save Saves the game manually.
/Shutdown [seconds] [text] Allows you to stop the server after a specific time has elapsed. It will show a message to the players on the server too.
/DoExit Immediately kills the server.

How to be an admin

To be an admin in Palworld, you must first know your server’s admin password. If you’ve just made a multiplayer game using the in-game settings, you can find it under the Server Settings. Anyone who has set up a Palworld dedicated server can find the password in the PalWorldSettings.ini file in the location where the Palworld server is saved. It’s in the following directory: PalServerPalSavedConfigWindowsServer.

To activate your admin powers, load into the game and type the following into the chat:

/AdminPassword [password]

Make sure you replace [password] with the actual password you set in the Server Settings on the PalWorldSettings.ini file. Once you’ve done this, you can enter any of the above console commands. Keep in mind that any of the inputs that have [SteamID] require you to enter the player’s full ID.

While there aren’t a lot of Palworld console commands, the ones that do exist will help you manage your server. Take a look at our Palworld page for more helpful tips.

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