New Palworld multiplayer limit: How many people can play?

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While Palworld is a game you can play solo without any issues, the real fun is playing it with friends who can help you with your base, clearing dungeons, fighting bosses, and other such content.

But the real question is, what’s the Palworld multiplayer limit? Players playing Palworld via Steam have a few extra multiplayer features and player limits available to them compared to those playing the game via the Game Pass.

If you are also confused about the player limit in Palworld’s multiplayer mode, keep reading our guide as we explain not only the multiplayer limits, but also the Palworld server limit. 

What is the Palworld multiplayer limit?

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At the time of writing, if you host a game in Palworld by enabling the multiplayer option while creating your world, you can play the game with up to four people. This means the Palworld multiplayer limit when hosting a game yourself is four.

On the other hand, if you are joining or hosting a dedicated server for Palworld, which is currently only possible on the Steam version, the Palworld multiplayer limit is up to 32 players. This is essentially the same as the Palworld server limit.

Palworld invite code
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That being said, irrespective of the platform, you can invite three players, making the game a four-player co-op, to join your session using the “Invite Code” that you can get from the Options menu accessed by pressing the “ESC” button. 

How many players can join a guild in Palworld?

Palworld guild limit
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In Palworld, up to 20 players, including you, can be a part of a guild. So, if you have created a guild, you can invite up to 19 players to join you to reach the Palworld guild limit. 

The guild feature in Palworld acts more like a party, as your guild members are the only ones who can help you with your base building and tackling the different content offered in the game. 

The 20 player Palworld guild limit with a dedicated server limit of only 32 players doesn’t fit well until and unless Pocketpair increases the player limit with future updates. 

Can you increase the player limit in Palworld dedicated or community servers?

Palworld server limit tutorial tasks
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At the moment, increasing the player limit is not available in Palworld, even if you are hosting a dedicated or community server from your end. 

Apart from that, you can change the different aspects of the game world, alter spawn rate, day and night cycle and a plethora of other customizations to create your unique world where you can enjoy Palworld with your friends and community members. 

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