How to set up dedicated servers in Palworld?

How to set up dedicated servers in Palworld?

As players around the world dive into this game, they often ask if Palworld has dedicated servers. The answer is a bit of an interesting one because the developer has promised community server support at launch. However, the game is still in the Early Access phase, so players cannot expect all the important features to be ready yet. If you want to play the game, you’re more than welcome to, and you can even play with friends in online groups, or in multiplayer.

Does Palworld have dedicated servers? The answer is both yes and no. There will be more support for this in the future, but as of now, the answer is a little more complicated and frustrating. Here’s what the current status of online gameplay is with this online survival game.

Are there dedicated servers in Palworld on PC and Xbox?

You can play online with your friends in Palworld, but it's not always easy to do so (Image via Pocketpair)this game is not on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 now, so only Xbox console gamers need to worry about online play.

How to set up Palworld dedicated servers

If you're on PC, you can bring your friends along for an adventure (Image via Pocketpair)Make sure to click the drop-down and select We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to help you on your adventure to catch all the Pals.

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