How to set up a Palworld Dedicated Server

How to set up a Palworld Dedicated Server

Palworld dedicated servers are something that many players will want, to make the most out of the online multiplayer. Your own world with your own rules that players can experience with friends on their own terms. However, this process is a little stickier than some might have hoped at time of writing, with dedicated servers currently specific to certain players – specifically, those on Steam. We’ll explain how dedicated servers work for Palworld below, what you’ll need, and what the limitations are.

How to set up a Dedicated Server in Palworld

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You can set up a dedicated server in Palworld (in Steam only) by doing the following:

1. Install and open Palworld at least once.

2. Install Palworld Dedicated Server on Steam (it’ll be under “Tools”)

3. Open the Palworld Dedicated Server Installation Folder via Properties

4. Open the file DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini in Notepad and copy everything beneath the third line.

5. Go to PalServerPalSavedConfigWindowsServer in your files and paste the copied text into PalWorldSettings.ini, then save and quit.

6. Launch the Palworld Dedicated Server, and select Play Palworld Dedicated Server. 

This process is specific to Steam – there’s no way to set up a server if you’re going via Xbox or even PC Game Pass. You can adjust features like server name, description and add passwords in the PalWorldSettings.ini file, then after you start a dedicated server, players can join simply through the Palworld multiplayer option in the regular game, picking “Join Multiplayer Game” and searching for the server you’ve made.

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