How to play multiplayer – Palworld

Here’s how you can play Palworld with friends on PC or Xbox.

Palworld’s open-world invites players to build bases, collect creatures, and arm yourself to the teeth. It’s a journey you can walk alone or alongside friends. If you’re interested in partying up for the grand adventure, we can show you how to play multiplayer in Palworld.

How to play multiplayer in Palworld

Three players traveling on mounts.
Source: Pocketpair

To play multiplayer in Palworld, you’ll need to use invite codes. If you’re the host of the world, you can find the invite code on the right-hand side of the pause screen. You will need to click the eye icon to reveal the code. If you don’t see a code, your world may be set to single-player only. From the world select screen, click Change World Settings and make sure multiplayer is toggled on.

If you’re joining a friend’s world, get an invite code from them and enter into your game after selecting Join Multiplayer World from the main menu. This will allow you to explore your friend’s personal world alongside them.

Palworld dedicated servers

Palworld also features dedicated servers (PC only) that can be used to create a persistent world that friends can jump in and out of regardless of who is currently online. To create a dedicated server, you can either pay a hosting fee on a third-party website (take extreme caution) or follow developer Pocketpair’s guide to setting up your own, so long as your PC meets the listed requirements.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Palworld on PC supports of to 32 players in a single world for dedicated servers, while the standard multiplayer on PC and Xbox only supports lobbies of four. Bookmark our Palworld Strategy Guide for more insightful guides.

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