Here’s why Palworld servers are struggling under all this pressure

Here’s why Palworld servers are struggling under all this pressure

Palworld servers, both third-party and straight from Pocketpair, can’t handle how over one million people are playing the survival crafting game at once. So if you’ve been struggling to get into co-op or a 32-player server, it’s because everyone’s trying to catch up with immense demand.

Both private third-party Palworld servers and Pocketpair’s own offerings are struggling right now. The concurrent Steam player count just keeps going up, so it doesn’t matter if you’re paying a service like G-Portal or making a server directly in Palworld itself. Either way, just playing the game with friends is hard right now.

With Palworld setting Steam records, Pocketpair says “the Epic Online Service is currently experiencing outages due to an unusually high load worldwide,” and that for the survival game “this is causing connectivity issues with co-op and servers.”

The team is looking to make things stable again ASAP, but with Palworld’s player count threatening to go even higher, it might take a while.

It’s not just Palword’s four-player co-op or in-game servers that are struggling though, as third-party server tool G-Portal says it’s been struggling to meet demand, and is just now catching back up.

“Most of the current problems you might face (not being able to buy or enter a server) revolve around the fact that we see a very(!) high demand for servers. The whole team is working on adding even more hardware for you so everybody can get a server,” G-Portal says.

If you’ve been waiting for a dedicated server for the game and having no luck with G-Portal, that should be changing any minute now, as the team says it is “getting better by the hour,” before adding, “Unfortunately, this is not happening for all players at the same time, the demand is too high. We will continue to ramp up servers.”

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PCGamesN even tried to buy a G-Portal server, only to then be given a Frankfurt one. So while it looks like these premium dedicated Palworld servers are opening up for use on Steam, the demand for the game is so high that it’s a struggle right now.

If you’re playing with friends or on your own server and want some help, our comprehensive Palword guide has you covered, alongside all you need to know about Palworld Paldium fragments and the best Palworld weapons too.

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