Does Palworld have co-op multiplayer?

Does Palworld have co-op multiplayer?

Co-op multiplayer is an extremely popular feature in gaming and we have good news to share if you’re excited for Palworld.

Pocketpair’s highly-anticipated title is on the horizon, with Palworld set to launch across Xbox platforms and Steam on Jan. 19, 2024, and the game has already seen inevitable comparisons between Palworld and Pokémon.

The Pokémon series took a long time to fully embrace co-op, however, so you may be wondering whether Palworld has learned from that lesson—and we have the answer.

Does Palworld have multiplayer co-op?

Fly together, catch Pals together, do crimes together. Image via Pocketpair

Yes, Palword has a co-op multiplayer mode. Up to four players will be able to play together online in a multiplayer world, while there is also the option to play on a dedicated server with a maximum of 32 players.

You won’t be able to use the same character on more than one server, however. According to developer Pocketpair, characters are bound to the world when created, and you can only use the same character if you are the host of a private co-op server, switching from single-player to host.

Your friends joining the multiplayer session won’t be able to do the same and will have to create one character for multiplayer and a different one for single-player. The studio does plan to provide a server and save transfer feature after launch, though.

Dedicated servers will also allow players to create guilds. The developer has already stated it intends to increase the maximum number of players allow

Does Palworld have PvP?

No, Palworld does not have PvP. At launch, players will only be able to play together in PvE mode, although a PvP option is planned and is currently being tested internally, with further updates on the feature to follow.

There will still be plenty to do alongside friends and other players, however, with Lucky Pals to hunt for and Alpha Pals to battle, while you’ll also need to build and survive the harsh environments in Palpagos Island.

News on the introduction of PvP to Palworld may be shared shortly after launch as part of a year one roadmap for the title.

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