Can you host a Palworld server?

Can you create a Palworld server? Yes, you can host your own private Palworld server with up to 32 players, and developer Pocket Pair already has plans to increase the player amount in a future update.

Now, you’ve already planned which Palworld pals you’re going to get first, so you probably want to start thinking about your initial setup. This includes if you’re planning to jump into Palworld multiplayer, which platform to choose as Palworld crossplay is not a thing at launch, and of course, how to create your own Palworld server.

How to create a Palworld server

You’ll be able to create a private, dedicated server for you and your friends, or eventually there will be the option to join the best Palworld servers. The developer has said the tools to create servers will be provided at launch, but we don’t know much beyond that, yet.

If you’re playing with up to four people, then multiplayer is the best option with the online co-op play mode, which doesn’t require setting up a server. You’ll still be able to invite friends, adventure together, and battle and trade pals. Don’t worry though, you can play Palworld single-player offline, if that’s what you prefer.

That’s how to host a private server in Palworld. For more on the lead up to the survival game, here are the best Palworld starters, all of the Palworld jobs, and how Palworld breeding works.

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