Why should you rent a server outside of Ukraine through Sidata.com.ua?

Why should you rent a server outside of Ukraine through Sidata.com.ua?


Business automation in the cloud through server rental with Sidata.com.ua is more relevant now than ever before.

  1. Firstly, it’s a global trend that, in my opinion, Ukraine is currently leading.
  2. Secondly, it eliminates all the risks that have arisen in Ukraine during the war.
  3. Thirdly, it’s simply convenient when all the information is in the cloud, but more on that later.

What tasks are solved by renting a server?

Who exactly needs to use the service of renting a virtual (VDS/VPS) or dedicated server in the USA or Europe?

The main clients for server rental services are managers, financial directors, accountants, business owners, and system administrators. Let’s list the tasks this target audience plans to solve using a rented server:

  1. Transitioning accounting online – the most popular service at the moment. Wherever your accountant is, all accounting is online and available with just a click, regardless of whether you use 1C or any other BAS product.
  2. Hosting your own CRM/ERM or ERP systems. Using these systems in a local network has long been outdated, even quite risky, so the cloud for these systems is the perfect solution.
  3. E-Mail service. Not everyone is ready to entrust their business correspondence to well-known technological giants, so a mail server based on a virtual dedicated server VDS/VPS will be useful for both small and medium-sized businesses.
  4. Hosting programs and web products. Planning a startup? Great, just outsource all the technical work related to the server to SIDATA, and focus on the product instead of lengthy searches for DevOps on job sites.
  5. Backup server for storing any of your commercial data. Undoubtedly, you can order a cloud from well-known tech giants, but they certainly do not guarantee the preservation of your data in their lengthy agreements in very small print. There’s also a risk that the next AI could learn from your data. Do you need that?
  6. Computing power tailored to your needs. Moreover, you can manage computing power directly through the virtual cabinet on the Sidata website. Flexible settings allow you to order exactly as many resources as you need at the moment: CPU, RAM, and disk. Increase or decrease with just one click.”

VPS/VDS server vs Dedicated server

What are the advantages of renting a server at SIDATA?

The most important thing in the company’s assets is the full range of services in cloud technologies. You may not have a team, only the desire and a product, and still become a SIDATA client. That’s because all other aspects will be taken care of by the company’s experts. For example, in addition to server rental, SIDATA offers the following services:

Hosting BAS in the cloud

The company offers to install and configure ready-made BAS system configurations such as:

  • BAS Small Business
  • BAS Accounting
  • BAS Trade Management
  • BAS Document Flow
  • BAS Enterprise Management

We will help you migrate 1C:Enterprise to the cloud or perform any data migration to the cloud.

For those who doubt that they’ll have to closely monitor and administer all this, worry not, as the company offers full server administration services. The experience and expertise in all these directions are present in the company. Throughout the company’s service history, 1109 clients from 14+ countries have benefited from these services.

SIDATA Company’s resources are significant

  • 4 data centers in different countries
  • 177 balanced servers based on Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen with high frequencies up to 4.9 GHz
  • Pre-installed software, the ability to choose Debian, Ubuntu, Centos distributions, as well as rent a server based on the Windows Server 2016/2019 operating system
  • Data protection from hacking, viruses, and DDOS attacks

SIDATA is a company that provides reliable server rental services worldwide, including Ukraine. Accessible server rentals ensure data security and cost savings for millions of users who value preserving their information and want to save money.

Sidata is a rental service for server

Author: Valisenko Sergiy, CTO SIDATA, Expert in Cloud Computing


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