Server Upgrades In Progress [Complete]

Server Upgrades In Progress [Complete]

It’s the season for hardware and software upgrades as rolls out to new infrastructure. Pardon any downtime or interruptions over the next few hours.

Finally retiring the last of the CentOS 7 usage around here to move to AlmaLinux 8, moving from AMD EPYC Rome to Milan, and other hardware/software upgrades, transitioning to the new dedicated server hardware and software is ongoing. Phoronix continues to be hosted on dedicated hardware at the wonderful HiVelocity data centers — more than a decade on, I remain a happy customer with in that long time only having only one or two frustrated moments.

So pardon any brief interruption in service over the next few hours but in the end there should be much better page load times / responsiveness as we end out 2023. Cheers to new hardware and more recent open-source software.

Update: If you are seeing this, you are now connected to the new location.

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