Asset servicing technology news | TNS kicks off financial markets Cloud platform project

Infrastructure and analytic services provider Transaction Network Services (TNS) has launched a standardised dedicated server solution. This marks the company’s first steps in its financial markets Cloud platform project.

The platform offers 16 different servers, all of which are optimised for both front- and middle-office trading infrastructures. This customisable approach will allow TNS to cater to clients’ individual computing needs and facilitate rapid installation, reducing time-to-market, costs and hardware supply chain pressures, it says.

Clients will be able to rent the service on a monthly basis, giving companies the opportunity to benefit from the platform’s bare metal servers and low-latency trading connectivity without long-term commitment, TNS adds.

Jeff Mezger, vice president of product management for financial markets, says: “Our new solution significantly reduces time-to-market for our customers. Traditionally, it could take months to procure the necessary hardware to connect to a new market. With our inventory of bare metal servers, we can quickly and easily provide customers with the infrastructure they need, allowing them to access new markets and opportunities faster than ever before.”

“Leveraging our buying power and specification standards allows TNS to make these servers available with more flexible and lower cost commercial options than buying a bespoke server specification. This is the first step in addressing a significant gap in the industry. In contrast to larger competitors, these offerings have been specifically designed to meet the performance and demands of the capital markets.”

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